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Can’t Hardly Wait to be released this week on Bluray and DVD

Ten years after the “smartest teen movie” ever made came out, it’s finally getting its next generation release.

See if you can catch all the cameos.

Would you buy a Nintendo D$ for the 3rd time?

Nintendo issues a non-denial DS denial – Engadget

Rumors abound in the internet regarding a new DS SKU being announced in a press conference on Wednesday. Nintendo has neither confirmed nor denied the claim.

Why I think there really is a new DS coming out.

  1. Everyone already has one. Why buy one more? Unless of course there’s something in there.
  2. The DS lite design is a couple of years old and will need a refit other than colors.
  3. They need something to keep the excitement about the DS alive when there’s a resurgence of the PSP.

Why I think there will not be another DS coming out.

  1. The old one still works.
  2. People will still buy a new DS just change the color.
  3. They’re actually announcing the next generation hand held device.

Note that I have used the word device instead of handheld gaming console. Which means could they be adding something new?

Hadron Collider moment

In honor of the CERN’s Large Hadron Collider, I hearby bestow upon the world the term “Hadron Collider moment”. This refers to events or moments that under normal circumstances shouldn’t happen but they did but they should’ve happened after the Hadron Collider was switched on which makes this September 10, 2008. This is what I call these moments to infer that the Hadron Collider has already turned our world upsidedown. We just haven’t noticed it yet.

Some examples include,

  • Sebastian Vettel’s F1 win at Monza.
  • The Wall Street Meltdown
  • The Xbox 360 outsells the PS3 in Japan
  • Jack Thompson disbarred

just to name a few.

If you know any more, do share.

These however, will live on forever!

BREAKING: Tamagotchi Still Exists, Has Evolved Color

After more than a decade entertaining kids and adults alike, the Tamagotchi will release a new version in Japan and will arrive in North American shores pretty soon. New technology such as iPods and mobile phones have not deterred the younglings from this virtual pet. Take note of the IR and the new colors they come in.

These songs will live on forever

Original Rock Band Songs Won’t Be Offered As DLC

As I wait for my copy of Rock Band 2, MTV has announced that Rock Band 1 will never be taken off circulation and you will have to buy the entire disc instead of buying it song by song via DLC.

At least this is one game that won’t degrade in resale value over the years. Sweet!

Ramen in a can

TOKYOMANGO: Instant ramen in a can

What will those Japanese think of next? I love vending machines. It provides me with a quick fix of almost anything. Especially in Japan where I can get both hot and cold drinks from it. Lisa Katayama of Tokyo Mango has posted this find of Instant Ramen in a can. Sweet! But sadly the only vending products where I live are canned sodas and coffee drinks. I’ll make it a point to look out for these the next time I’m in Japan.

LHC, closed until spring

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Collider halted until next year

The damage caused by the helium leak last weekend has turned up a lot of problems. It wasn’t just a little liquid helium leak but a huge helium leak. About a ton of liquid helium leaked into the tunnel last week which caused the shutdown of the facility.

But with the incident coming so close to winter, the LHC will not power up until spring. CERN will shut the facility down for the winter in order to save on energy bills since it’s on high demand during the winter.

I don’t know why but I like monitoring any news about the LHC. Probably because if they succeed, they are almost for sure getting the Nobel prize among others. As well as one of the most important researches in physics in this generation.

That is if they don’t kill us all in the process. I kid! I hope.

When will start injecting nanos?

“Thought helmets” could enable voiceless troop communication – Engadget

Creepy isn’t it that technology seen in videogames is slowly becoming a reality. New field gear being developed for the US army will allow soldiers to communicate one another with just their thoughts.

I wonder where is the “real Naomi Hunter” developing these for nanomachines.

Would you buy music on flash media

Wired News – AP News

This report from Wired and the AP says that major record labels are considering selling music on flash media. Will this work? Since vinyl went the way of the dinosaurs and now cd is under the same threat. DVD music didn’t actually pan out so why should flash media be any different.

It should work. Sort of, for the technically challenged and music players should provide players for this at a much cheaper price tag. My only fear is reliability. I’m still apprehensive of relying on flash memory for anything I want to keep. Not to mention I wouldn’t want to accidentally delete the music that I paid for without any means to get it back.

I think this could work as an extension of the digital medium. Saying if you want a hard copy mailed to you or a hard copy purchased in the store this should work. But I wouldn’t expect any big profits coming from this anytime soon.

Wii Fit jogging is boring

Japan: Wii-mote Jog Through Google Map Tokyo

Well almost boring. If you don’t mind jogging around a fictitious island encountering other Miis that is. But this Japanese mod has a lot of promise.

Just put the Wii-mote in your pocket and start jogging. The mod takes you to the streets of Tokyo via Google Streetvwr. It’s not perfect. But it’s a start. I hope more cities can be added to the mix. But Tokyo is fine with me.