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Brown water

Brown water, originally uploaded by mdelamerced.

Manila Water did some work on the water lines earlier. Water seems kinda brown. Eeew.

Things I hate

Things I hate
Originally uploaded by mdelamerced

I understand the whole security thing with shops. But do they have to stick it in the middle of the book! The adhesive is so strong that if you try to get it out it will ruin the page.

Goodbye 1UP, Hello to whatever you guys plan on doing in the future

Gamasutra – Breaking: Ziff Davis Sells 1UP To UGO/Hearst, Closes EGM

Gamasutra breaks the bad news to the community that Electronic Gaming Monthly and the 1UP podcasts will be shutdown in the process. Most of the staff amounting to 30 talented individuals have been laid off.

This is a sad day for the gaming industry. EGM was one of the longest running magazines dedicated to video games but with the closing of these door I eagerly look forward to what they will come up with in the future. Much like what Ziff Davis did they sold and shut down TechTV. Coincindentally enough EGM and 1UP were also owned by Ziff Davis. That closure led to the creation of the Twit Army by Leo Laporte, Revision 3 with Patrick Norton and other members of Tech TV and now most famously Digg with Kevin Rose. I do hope that they will create something inspiring in the coming months so to monitor their activities I will be following them on Twitter and waiting for anything that comes up.

I guess the Sore Thumbs blog by Dan “Shoe” Hsu will now have more contributors.

Happy New Year!

Another year has passed and I can say that I blogged more last year than the year before that. For me that’s an achievement. This year I’ll try to put up more content and upload more. So to wish everyone a Happy New Year, I’m posting my gaming pictures from Animal Crossing: City Folk.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Hadron Collider moment

In honor of the CERN’s Large Hadron Collider, I hearby bestow upon the world the term “Hadron Collider moment”. This refers to events or moments that under normal circumstances shouldn’t happen but they did but they should’ve happened after the Hadron Collider was switched on which makes this September 10, 2008. This is what I call these moments to infer that the Hadron Collider has already turned our world upsidedown. We just haven’t noticed it yet.

Some examples include,

  • Sebastian Vettel’s F1 win at Monza.
  • The Wall Street Meltdown
  • The Xbox 360 outsells the PS3 in Japan
  • Jack Thompson disbarred

just to name a few.

If you know any more, do share.

It’s wasn’t the hard drive

Xbox 360: Why The 360 Didn’t Ship With A HDD (And Why The PS3 Did)

This is some crazy marketing being done by Microsoft here and lame reasoning in my opinion. The original Xbox didn’t get clobbered in the market because it had a hard drive. There wasn’t just any reason to buy one then. Much in the same case as the PS3 is in now.

There were no real games (other than Halo) on the original Xbox that would make me buy one back then. The PS2 was such a juggernaut that all the games anyone wanted was on it. Developers were able to fit their games into the dual layer DVD discs that were norm back then.

Fast forward to today. Almost everyone ships with some form of internal memory. The Wii comes with something. The PS3 has it standard on all their consoles. But the Xbox ships it optional, and for what? To claim that they are cheaper than the Wii. Thinking that making it cheaper than the Wii will help them overtake Nintendo.

This is a dangerous claim by Microsoft since most of their current games require an internal drive of some sort to save their games. Before the consumer knows it, he would have racked up an additional $50 or even more just so he can play the games he wants. Shipping without a hard drive is a complete u-turn from the “center of the living room” campaign they are doing right now with the digital rentals, media center connection and the Netflix connectivity. You’re going to need that bigger proprietary hard drive that they are shipping. Developers are stating that they are reaching the limits of the Xbox. This is a console that is not really a next gen console. But the best of the last gen.

Apparently only a small percentage of gamers are really into the high definition gaming with all the bells and whistles that some games come in. But what is the Wii showing us, that people don’t need the HD support, or the DTS surround sound. What matters to gamers is the gameplay. It just so happens that it’s the casual gamers that are driving up the sales.

Did the previous gaming generation end too soon? It was such a runaway win for Sony with the PS2. Even now it still sells. Nintendo and Microsoft were so far behind that they had to come up with the Wii and the 360 in order to survive in the marketplace. And us gamers were just so happy to buy the next console that hit the stands.

Given the choice today I still would have purcahsed the elite instead of the cheapest version. Why? It’s like buying a PC. Buy the better version because before you know it, the geniuses behind the machine would have thought of doing something more with the machine. Such as those Netflix rentals.

Home early!

Today was a pretty good day. I’m home early! Apparently the typhoon over Hong Kong is cancelling a number of flights into China. Not that it has anything to do with me.

My hectic schedule has driven me away from my Wii Fit again. I forsee this happening for another two weeks for the duration of the Olympics.

But that doesn’t stop me from trying to read all of my RSS feeds and flagging those I want to blog about.

Gizmodo posts that Electric City Akihabara is now on Google Street Maps. Kakoii!

PS3 fans still have something to be happy about. FF Versus XIII is still a PS3 exclusive – Kotaku

I’ll see if I can post more stuffs tomorrow.

Dozing off this weekend

Finally I’ve gotten some “me” time and totally ignored almost everything that is happening in the world. Seriously, I have no idea what’s going out there aside from iPhone activation problems.

Finally updated my iPod Touch to 2.0 and installed the apps. Haven’t bought one yet though. My favorite one so far is the Remote app and Twitterrific. The remote app is great! Now I have to place speakers throughout the entire house and wire them to the Airport Express so I can hear and control music from anywhere in the house.

I’ve been 1 month away from my Wii Fit which is why there hasn’t been any updates on that part. I will need to get back on it. Probably by tomorrow. I don’t expect to working 12-16 hour shifts next week. Actuallly I need a vacation after all of that. Even if it’s just one day.

I still have to get started on my D&D 4th edition and pass by the comic book store as well to pickup some new Secret Invasion issues. I’ve got around 5 manga books that need to be read and don’t get me started on my gaming backlog. I actually needed another Xbox than a PS3, but due to unfortunate circumstances, I have another PS3 while I send the other one for repairs. Yes I got the dreaded blu-ray death.

Other than that, I’m just relaxing like steamed vegetables.

Bikini babes are more harmless than Bart and Homer’s rants

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Simpsons ditched by Venezuelan TV

I know this isn’t tech related. I know missed the news that iTunes is now the king of music and so on. But I can’t pass this up.

A Venezuelan TV station has removed the popular cartoon series “The Simpsons” because of complaints from TV viewers and deemed unsuitable for children. It has now been replaced by Baywatch Hawaii.

Ah yes. Cartoons. But seriously, Baywatch?!?!

It is also noted that this station also airs a talk show by President Hugo Chavez.

How long should you wait?

It hits me around June and July. I consider these months to be my depression months when I think too much about everything. And since I’ve decided to separate my personal thoughts and my opinion on technology and games to my 1up page this place is now devoted to all my rants about everything not related to tech and games and anime and probably movies as well. As for my dot mac site, I still haven’t thought of what to do with that.

Anyway let’s get straight to the point.

How long should you keep people on your friends list? I mean, do you really keep in touch with these people on your friends list? Let’s say you do and they don’t reciprocate? What then? What then do you do?

I usually just let the number rot on my phone until the day that my phone tells me that my directory is full and if I want to delete the number that’s the number I press the erase button on.

But then there are times that number actually calls back.

Lately I’ve been sooo lazy in my directory that when the office calls I just answer the thing to save me the effort of deleting the number eventually.

To keep or not to keep?