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Dragon Age II Demo

Dragon Age II Demo, originally uploaded by mdelamerced.

About to start my Dragon Age II playthough. Should I broadcast it live?

Help Dragon Age II get to 1 Million

Dragon Age


Help the Dragon Age II Demo reach 1 Million downloads to unlock 2 in game items.

Lothering’s Lament – Gives XP boost when read.

The Far Cliffs of Kirkwall – Gives Money when read.

Hayder's RazorThat’s not all, completing the demo will also unlock an additional in-game item (Hayder’s Razor) once you load the full version of Dragon Age II.

The great thing about the demo that it’s available for all platforms, PC, PS3 and Xbox. 

Download the demo on February 22 at 12NN. Full game goes on sale March 8, 2011.


Nintendo 3DS

Is 2011 the year of 3D?

3D TVs, 3D Movies, 3D consumer cameras, and Nintendo intends in bringing it to handheld gaming with the Nintendo 3DS.

Nintendo has come back from the brink of failure to one of the successes in this gaming generation. But in the previous year, the shine on the Wii has waned and the DS is now six years into it’s lifespan. We’ve seen the DS smaller, bigger and lighter. Now it’s going to be in 3D.

As someone who wears glasses, 3D is a pain. Looking through two sets of lenses that one or another will not be on the right angle is a headache. The 3DS will not need additional lenses. That is great sigh of relief. But at $249.99?

It’s pricey. Not something that you would expect from Nintendo. Just a little perspective, the original NDS came out at $169.99. It’s even more than the Wii at that price. You can get a PS3 or an Xbox360 at that price. Or even an iPod Touch. Expect a price drop when the Sony NGP comes out but even then, it will be a stretch.

The Nintendo 3DS offers a lot by including the great things from the NDS such as dual screen, NDS compatibility and a SD card slot. new things include the analog controller, telescoping stylus, and motion sensor.

Nintendo 3DS hits stores on March 27.

Nintendo 3DS launch details

Mass Effect 2 on the PS3 Review

Mass Effect 2 PS3 IGN Video Review

I’ve played through it twice and here’s my take on it.

PS3 owners have had to wait an eternity for this game make it on Sony’s console from the Xbox but thankfully Bioware has delivered the same game (almost) with a few perks.

The PS3 version is the best version of the game visually uses the Mass Effect 3 engine. The clothes look more detailed. You can now tell the difference between armor and spandex. The scars on Shepard’s face are rougher and things seem a bit brighter. Add to the fact that all three DLCs (Overlord, Kasumi, and Lair of the Shadow Broker) are included, it makes playing it a bit better.

The blu-ray media allows the entire game to played off a single disc without having to swap anything out (see Xbox version). But it requires a mandatory 6GB install from the disc and you’ll need to download the Cerberus Network content from the Playstation Store after you’ve created your EA Account. Though it is possible to go through the game without the Cerberus Network, it is the only way to see the comic book which explains the events of the first game. This is a pain.

The comic book is the only way to create decisions in the first chapter to affect the events of this game. That will take another 900++ MB download. Even then, it’s still not complete and this is where my disappointment with the game lies.

Sure, the comic book lets you easily choose who to save, who to rescue, who you have a relationship with. But there are glaring differences in the game, especially if you’ve played through the Xbox version.


These are events that never happen in the PS3 game but happen in the Xbox version.

Missing characters:
Helena Blake, the crime lord who asks you to get rid of her rivals which you are given a choice to either kill her or convince her to give up her life of crime. If you picked the paragon path, you’ll see her again on Omega.

Rana Thanoptis, you encounter the Asari scientist in the first game in Virmire. If you let her go, you’ll see her again while recruiting the Krogan Warlord.

Shiala, if you let her live after defeating the Thorian in Feros, she stays behind to help the colonists. She once again needs your help in Illium.

Conrad Verner, your number one fan. Does not appear in the Dark Star Lounge in Illium.

Gianna Parsini, the detective you help out in Noveria (surprise, surprise!) needs your help in an entrapment operation. You still get to talk to the merchant but now you are able to get discounts from her kiosk on Illium.

Nassana Dantius. She plays a pivotal role in Mass Effect 2 since she is the target of Thane Krios, the assassin you’re trying to recruit. You help her kill her sister in the first game, but now she’s never met you in her entire life.

Not really a missing event but I can’t stand the bug where if you chose Liara in the first chapter as your love interest, Kaidan’s picture appears instead. There’s also the annoying clipping of edges of your character while playing. This is really bothersome especially in the Overlord mission.

With the exception of Giana Parsini, all the other characters can be missed. However, these are the details which make the game fun to play. To be able to see the results of the decisions you made brings a little smile to my face. But not to see them makes me feel the game seems to be missing something.

So which is better? Where shall I continue the adventures of Shepard and the Normandy?

This leads me to conclude that I will end up playing both games. Though the PS3 is superior in technology, the story is what matters to me and the Xbox still delivers the complete package for the game with all the decisions, side quest results and the characters you let live in the previous game.

Thank you Bioware for making such a great game. I’ll be sad to see it go once it finishes in Mass Effect 3.