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Lego Wall-E

Were you thinking of building your own Wall-E out of LEGO? Pfft. I mean, no, go ahead. Just don’t ever put it next to this model by Angus MacLane who actually helped animate the film.Now this is just awesome! Just when I was looking for something interesting today on the net and I’ve found it in the form of Lego Wall-E. Now all I need to do is get the instructions and have this one on my desk.I mean it. I’m very impressed.

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Thoughts at the halfway mark

I’ve finished Act 3 of MGS4 and about halfway through Act 4 and here are my thoughts.

MGS4 makes me appreciate MGS2 (probably the most ridiculed of the entire series). I can’t reveal too much without giving away spoilers. But MGS4 so far ties up things nicely for me.

MGS3 is a must to play. Of course all three previous games are a must to play before you even touch MGS4.

There are some things that remain constant in MGS such as sneaking and codecs. But MGS4 makes you approach each situation differently. Of course nothing comes close to what MGS3 put me through. (I ran through the game in 3 days and almost lost my mind in doing so). I did things in MGS3 that I would rather not do it again because of the sheer difficulty. But nothing impossible. It just takes a lot of guts. Something that a movie can’t bring you.

Hideo Kojima and his team have created a masterpiece. The Metal Gear Solid experience is something that movies are unable to achieve and that is interactivity. The player has to give something to the game before one is rewarded with moving through the game or seeing the beautifully rendered cutscenes. This trade off makes the medium a whole lot more satisfying.

For those who got the limited edition which had the blu ray movie disc I can safely say that you can start watching the disc after finishing act 3. Though the disc says in numerous occassions that you should finish the game first. A few scenes may spoil it for you but with amount of emotional investment I’ve made to the series, it’s hardly a spoiler for me.

Each act in MGS4 resolves unanswered questions left in the previous games. Such what ever happened to ??? and where did ??? after the events of the game.

Hideo Kojima in my opinion is the new Tom Clancy of military storytelling. If Hunt for Red October had Jack Ryan, then Solid Snake is to Metal Gear. The accuracy of the equipments and weapons used in the series is amazing paired with an AI makes the world of the Patriots all too real. The way the story has been weaved into our history and probably events to come are too frightening to imagine. But this all blends into the realism and the world that is Kojima’s.

Right now I’ve saved before a boss battle and I will continue playing this week and blog what I thought of the entire game.

That really fooled me

Apparently Blizzard’s enigmatic teaser really was Diablo III. Which actually makes sense now because Starcraft II is poised to come out this year and another WoW expansion so it only makes sense that Diablo would be the next franchise getting a new chapter.

I didn’t play the first game and I spent my vacation in Australia playing the second one. I think that I will enjoy playing this one as well. PC gaming isn’t that dead. It just belongs to Valve and Blizzard.

Trailers, gameplay and screens are over at

What does this look to you?

Blizzard: Blizzard Splashwatch Day Five – Death Knights, Protoss, And Purple Penguins

Over in, it could either be a Protoss (Starcraft) or a Warcraft Death Knight. What could it be? Part of enigma included this even more enigmatic purple penguin.

Now I’m confused. Over the past week it had been speculated that it could be Diablo III. But hopes were quickly dashed as of today when the image now looks more dark knighty protossy instead of the big red diablo. So what is going on?

Could this just only be the hype of the final announcement when Starcraft II will hit store shelves? Another Warcraft game either as an expansion to the MMO or Warcraft IV? I think it will reveal a Starcraft MMO other than the Starcraft RTS coming out later this year.

Either way we’ll know what this all means pretty soon. Anyone going to Blizzcon 2008?

Apparently Naomi Hunter is too hot for my PS3

After seeing Naomi Hunter appear in the game for the first time and was watching the briefing of Act 2, my PS3 decides to die on me at this particular moment. The PS3 stopped reading the disc. I restarted the PS3 but other games that I pop in are not detected. Oh the agony. It just stopped on me. So what else would a gaming addict do? Go to the store and buy another one.

I did it without thinking. I know I can call Sony and have my console “repaired”. But it still sucks for me. I’ll be spending my evening trying to transfer everything over to the new PS3.

I love my 60GB PS3. It allows me to play PS2 games on it (which I still have a lot). The hard drive size is just right. It still is the best PS3 console around. I’ll still have to repaired. But in the meantime, I’ll have to be content with this 40GB one.

Will the next console war be on handhelds?

Xbox 360: Would You Buy This Portable 360?

Piracy effectively killed PC gaming or has it in it’s death grip, thus shifting the focus of developers and gamers alike to consoles. With HD gaming already ehre with resolutions we thought we’d never see the PS3 and the Xbox 360 seem to be in it for a while until they release the next version. Nintendo has not taken the HD transition as seriously as the other two.

So if we are not expecting a new console in next week’s E3, what hardware are we expecting from the gaming world?

Handhelds have been around for while now. Before it was only Nintendo and then Sony entered with their PSP. Sales in Japan show that handhelds are easily outselling their bulky brethren. Does this mean that gaming is switching to something more portable?

I always carry in my bag my DS and PSP so anywhere I go, I can just play or continue where I left off. Not like what’s happening to me right now with my console. I am unable to progress through Metal Gear Solid 4 because I’m working all the time and I barely have time at home to play on my console.

This is what Apple is betting on with their iPhone apps which were showcased in Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference. Sega’s Super Monkey Ball using the accelerometer of the iPhone (or iPod Touch) as the controller is really something to behold.

With Apple jumping on to portable gaming (sort of), how long before Microsoft comes in with their own handheld? Here now comes E3, where almost all major hardware gaming announcements are made and will they be entering the fray?

They already have Xbox Live Arcade. There had always been a restriction to the size of the games, could this be the reason? But if I were to play Xbox games on a portable device, this may be viable for 1st Gen Xbox games due to the large size of 360 games. But I think it could be possible. Imagine playing in ad hoc mode Halo on a portable device anywhere.

Throwing in a phone is a bit too much in my opinion. That would make it too obvious that it’s trying to compete with the iPhone. Remember N-Gage?

But I do believe that the next console war will be on the handhelds. Not that console gaming is dying. But with free time now becoming an expensive commodity, handheld gaming is the way to go.

Finally I’ve had some time with my PS3

Working sucks. Working really hard sucks even more especially if it takes me away from a AAA game that is Metal Gear Solid 4.

I’ve finally had some time with the game and met Drebin. Yes that’s how slow I’m going through game. It’s so bad that I haven’t been back on my Wii Fit. I need a new job schedule.

But back to MGS4 which I think is awesome. A friend of mine says it’s easier than MGS3, which I insanely played for 3 days straight. This is something that I cannot do with this time around. I think they could have made another game with the amount of content in this one but I’m satisfied. I’m still trying to get used to the controls and the actions. It’s been a while since I played a MGS game. I wasn’t even able to finish the one on the PSP.

This game does not disappoint. You will need some background before playing the game. To fully understand and experience the game, you should have spent spring playing through the 3 MGS games.

I just started playing so this is a very early review. But from what I’ve seen so far. It’s well worth the wait.