Would you buy music on flash media

Wired News – AP News

This report from Wired and the AP says that major record labels are considering selling music on flash media. Will this work? Since vinyl went the way of the dinosaurs and now cd is under the same threat. DVD music didn’t actually pan out so why should flash media be any different.

It should work. Sort of, for the technically challenged and music players should provide players for this at a much cheaper price tag. My only fear is reliability. I’m still apprehensive of relying on flash memory for anything I want to keep. Not to mention I wouldn’t want to accidentally delete the music that I paid for without any means to get it back.

I think this could work as an extension of the digital medium. Saying if you want a hard copy mailed to you or a hard copy purchased in the store this should work. But I wouldn’t expect any big profits coming from this anytime soon.

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