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LHC shuts down for the weekend (correction: make that months)

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Hadron Collider forced to halt

The LHC is forced to shut down after helium leaks into the tunnel. It will be closed for the weekend as scientists try to figure out the cause.

Has someone come back from the future to keep the LHC from fully switching on? We’ll probably never know.

Update: The LHC will be closed for two months while the damaged section is repaired.

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Hadron Collider halted for months

Insert this between KH 1 and 2

Square Enix: Kingdom Hearts Re-Beat On PS2 This December

When I got my hands on Kingdom Hearts 2, I was a bit thrown off by the story since it assumed that a lot happened after KH 1. A gameboy advance exclusive, KH: Chain of Memories was released before KH: 2 to explain the events after KH 1. Does this make any sense?

To put it plainly, this game goes between KH 1 and 2 and is coming to the PS2 this December. Yes I did write PS2.

Now if only Sony will put back the BACKWARD COMPATIBILITY in the PS3. Then this game will sell more than what they can anticipate.