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Some games only work on certain consoles

Atlus: Who Wants Trauma Center On Other Platforms?

Kotaku posts the question whether or not Atlus’ Trauma Center franchise should be expanded to other consoles.

After having finished all the games with the exception of the first DS game where I’m stuck a little past half way, the Wii controllers and the DS stylus is the way to go. The way the game is controlled really gives that feeling that you’re a wannabe doctor trying to save fake lives.

Bottom line, I don’t see this game playable on any other console other than Nintendo’s.

LOL moment of the week

Apple: Apple and AT&T Sued for Selling Too Many iPhone 3Gs

An iPhone customer was unhappy about the performance of his iPhone and therefore sued Apple and AT&T. Not about the service, but about the possibility that they knowlingly sold “too many” iPhones which eventually led to the poor 3G reception.

Hmm… and? This is crazy! If that’s the case, we should’ve sued all those dial-up ISPs back when we couldn’t get connected because of the busy line. Sue every other service that experiences these “issues” for over selling. Now if these issues were rampant like across the entire country, that’s another issue. But if it’s just happening to one person, get a life and move on. Stand in line like everyone else.