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Now that it’s semi official…

Pissing Contest: World Tour Outsells Rock Band 2

Even though these two music games practically have the same set lists. The well established Guitar Hero managed to edge out EA’s Rock Band. Now that that’s settled, what about bringing Stan Bush as a DLC?

I don’t care which developer does it first or even both. It doesn’t bother me because I have both and have yet to finish Guitar Hero since it feels like playing all the same songs again in Rock Band 2 which includes a number of forgettable songs as well.

Please also release a utility that will read my PS2 discs so I can import them into the current version of the game and play those songs as well. Now wouldn’t that be cool!

Goodbye Morgan, you will be missed

WebbAlert – Your Daily Tech Roundup

Posted on, Morgan Webb of Tech TV/ G4/ XPlay/ cover girl and gamer announced on her website that she will no longer continue with Webb Alert, the almost daily tech podcast. Also one of the few I listen to.

I looked forward to the Webbalert podcast to provide me with some tech news and such. I even remember her being a guest on Tekzilla on how she made the podcast.

I also found it amazing on how she made her podcast even while on the road while she went to the Tokyo Game Show among others.

It’s good in a way that she’s doing a lot more for G4 and X-Play being it’s top gaming show. But on the other hand, is it because she doesn’t have any sponsors for her show anymore. But at least she’s not off the air completely. I sure do hope that she will not forget this endeavor and in the future may decide to revive Webbalert.

Now all we have to follow is X-Play and G4. I wonder if we can follow her on twitter…

Aquanaut’s Holiday > Endless Ocean

Over the weekend I finally got myself into serious gaming and got to playing the Asian version of Aquanaut’s Holiday: Hidden Memories for the PS3. First of all, the game is highly importable. Just make sure you are getting the Asian version. The whole game is in english and if needed, you can switch to chinese.

The graphics are amazing. It really feels like you are cruising underwater with the sound encoded in DTS adding to the atmosphere of diving.

There’s a lot to see beneath the waters and a mystery to solve. My only gripe? There’s no evening diving. It’s like racing 24 hours in Gran Turismo, the sun is always up and doesn’t change or set. It is widely known that there are varieties of fish that only come out during the night.

You can’t use your own music while under water and the in-game music is something you wouldn’t want to listen to outside of the game. Which is realy weird for a game that relies heavily on “atmosphere”.

Getting around requires a skill since you can either navigate through all the tunnels and passageways to get around and then there’s the NaSu. It’s some sort of becon that you can set anywhere in any of your explored areas. You also need to buy batteries to supply the sonar buoys located all over in order to navigate properly. It’s a good way of controlling the progress of the story. Sort of leading you from one plot twist after another compared to the free flowing exploration of Endless Ocean which would lead you well…endless searching for the next chapter.

But this is a game that the PS3 really needs and it’s sad that there’s no release date for North America. If you’re looking for a really casual game on the PS3 then look no further. This is that game. Take a hint Sony.


If you have the Wii, you’re stuck with Endless Ocean. The plot is not as mysterious or as “dark” as Aquanauts but it takes a more relaxing turn. Filled with Enya-esque music, which I believe is better here than on the PS3. Just load up your music on an SD card and play away. Endless Occean provides a relaxing environment for diving and it really is diving with you and your dolphin friend compared to the enclosed submersible that Aquanauts puts you in.

Endless Ocean Trailer E3 2007(Wii)

But then there are the last generation graphics and the weird poking around of sea creatures. Then again, they do have the concept of time and moving around the map via your boat. Much easier than Aquanauts. But then again, how do you know where to go? Using the Wii-mote is easy and painless. Just literally point and swim in that direction.

But once you’ve finished the main story, there’s hardly any motivation to pursue all the side quests. The only way to track your progress is to check your sea discoveries and aqua library. Aquanauts has the trophy integration thus providing us with a rough guide on what to complete next.

So if you have both consoles, I suggest you get Aquanauts for the real underwater adventure. If you want to relax, get Endless Ocean and just sit on the deck and watch the sunset. I’m not kidding, you can really do that.

But if you’re a big underwater fan, then by all means get both. There’s a lot to learn about the ocean and the secrets that it holds.

My road-trip mix tape

Just drive

Other uses for your iPod Touch

iPod touch M110 sniper rifle: another reason to fear the Cult of Apple – Engadget

Posted over in Engadget, the iPod Touch was loaded with software that will help you with your marksmanship. Just fill in the blanks to know the changes that wind, weather and distance will make to your shots and fire away.

Now available in the iTunes App store so no jail breaking is required.

Most asked question I got last week, "What is Twitter?"

I think this video sums it up pretty well. I hope someone makes one for friendfeed as well.

Life after 1UP

Game Industry Tweet

After the collapse of the 1UP podcasts there is an obvious void in my list of podcast subscriptions. So what else is there to do but follow them of twitter!

Yes folks! They’re on twitter. Well not all of them, but at least most of them. For privacy purposes you’ll have to search of them and dig deep into to find out what their twitter names are. This reminds me of the day when techtv was sold and all them went their own ways and fans like myself followed them wherever they went. I feel the same thing happening here.

The link above will take you to links to the twitter accounts of gaming industry personalities as well as journalists. I think the road ahead is pretty bright even though a lot of people don’t think so. But as we learned from the first dot com bubble, there’s a lot more to come from these talented folks.

Mega64: EGM Metaphors

I think this is how a lot of people feel about the closure of EGM and 1up.

Would you get an NDSi in April

Report: Nintendo DSi Gets Priced, Dated For U.S. Launch

Kotaku and IGN report that the Nintendo DSi will finally reach American hands on April 4.

Given the promise of DSi games will you buy another DS? But before we get to that, Nintendo has to fix certain things about the DSi before they even bring to the US.

1. Battery life. The bigger screen and the smaller form factor has somewhat diminished it’s battery life as well. Thus bringing the handeheld into PSP battery life territory which isn’t good.

2. Cheap camera. Reason why I wouldn’t get an iPhone. Cheap camera. Reason why I got the Nokia N95, 5MP camera. Simple as thath.

3. No web browser. What’s with the camera and built in wifi and all if I can’t share it with my friends who aren’t near me.

4. DSi is region locked. I love games from both sides of the Pacific. Why does Nintendo have these limitations on the DSi. This is a first in their history of handhelds which did not have region locks until today. Region unlocked units would make it easier to sell units across the ocean without localization problems. And how many actual users really want Japanese games in the west? I wouldn’t get the game if I didn’t feel it was worth it. I’m still for region free gaming.

5. All this for $180. Yes $180. That’s $50 than the current DS Lite.

6. No GBA port. Yes, Japan thinks you won’t play GBA games anymore. That new Guitar Hero fret bar. Wont work. The rumble pack for Metroid Pinball? Wont work. The data expansion pack for Opera. Wont work. You just got screwed.

7. Wii points and DSi points are different. This means these are separate purchases. Wha?

So are you still going to get the NDSi. Maybe if you already own the original DS and DS Lite. But if this is your first DS, I wouldn’t recommend it. Just too many things so wrong about it right now. They should take their time to bring out the right product. Don’t rush out to buy this. As with other machines, the first generation is usually buggy. And this one is really buggy.

The appeal of fighting games

I’m not a big fighting game fan. I only get into it casually when the need arises. I skipped the whole Virtual Fighter series when it came out and everyone was flocking to the arcades. There were a few instances I went to the arcade. There was one time in college where we spent the whole afternoon just playing Darkstalkers.


I had no idea what I was playing or what buttons I was pressing but as long as I was having fun I don’t see anything wrong with that. I got myself a Dreamcast shortly before it died due to Shenmue but the office favorite was Soul Calibur. Also an office favorite was Tekken 3 on the PS One which everyone thoroughly enjoyed. I do mean everyone.

We would wait for hours for our turn on the machines at work so what better way to get through the day with a few rounds of Tekken or Soul Calibur. Marvel vd. Capcom wasn’t that popular among the casual gamers. But Soul Calibur was so popular that we weren’t playing anything else in the office. After that era was gone, so was my interest in fighting games.

The only thrill I got from fighting games was the high you would get when fighting another person side by side and not over the network. There was some pleasure derived from button mashing whatever button that was under my fingers and seeing amazing combos come into play.

Ah yes those were the days and now I’m feeling a little nostalgic. Especially when I saw this.

勝つための必須アイテム!? 『ストリートファイターIV スティック』

This is the PS3 wireless version from Hori.

Followed by the wired Xbox 360 model.

These pictures sure are pretty and remind me of those old arcades and the fun I had back then. It seems only prudent for me to buy the control sticks if I buy the game.

Just to let you know, I haven’t decided just yet.