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Rumor: Dreamcast games coming to a console near you

PS2, Dreamcast Games May Come to PSN, Says Allegedly Leaked Doc – Sega – Kotaku

Looks like the future of downloadable games is good. According to Kotaku, PS2 games and Dreamcast games may be coming to the Playstation Network in the form of downloadable content.

Ten years after the release of the Dreamcast it still has it’s gaming legs, coming to the PSN is big. Of course the return of PS2 games is also big. Will this finally allow gamers to install their PS2 games into their PS3s and play them? Since the removal of the backwards compatibility, it has been a tough choice for gamers who still want to play their old games. Let’s face it, the PS2 is the best selling console of all time. Though it may be eclipsed by the Wii in a few years, there’s still a lot of PS2 games out there.

The Dreamcast may be ten years old but the games still hold up today. If my Dreamcast was still working I’d like to play Shenmue and Chuchu Rocket on it again. If Sony is serious about this, I’ll be one of those who will be buying all those games all over again.

I’ll wait for the PS3 version

Ever since Square-Enix announced a few months ago that a number of titles were heading to the 360, a lot of RPG fans felt betrayed (this seems to be the word of the day). So games like Infinite Undiscovery, The Last Remnant, Star Ocean and Final Fantasy XIII will see the light of day on the 360 giving a much needed RPG boost to the American console.

But so far, it hasn’t been good to Square-Enix. Infinite Undiscovery just went from $59.99 to $19.99 in a matter of three months. Not a good sign if you are selling games. And now comes “The Last Remnant”.

Initial release for the 360 and eventually on the PS3 and the reviews aren’t exactly good.
The Last Remnant for the Xbox 360 from
The Last Remnant Review: Strategically Sound, Technically Flawed

In short, too many bad things to make this RPG even good. We’ll have to see what happens when Star Ocean comes out next year and FFXIII when it comes out. FFXIII has the distinction of being released first on the PS3 before being ported to the 360.

This is one game that I will wait on the PS3 and hope that they will fix all the technical issues plaguing the game.

Insert this between KH 1 and 2

Square Enix: Kingdom Hearts Re-Beat On PS2 This December

When I got my hands on Kingdom Hearts 2, I was a bit thrown off by the story since it assumed that a lot happened after KH 1. A gameboy advance exclusive, KH: Chain of Memories was released before KH: 2 to explain the events after KH 1. Does this make any sense?

To put it plainly, this game goes between KH 1 and 2 and is coming to the PS2 this December. Yes I did write PS2.

Now if only Sony will put back the BACKWARD COMPATIBILITY in the PS3. Then this game will sell more than what they can anticipate.

Some games only work on certain consoles

Atlus: Who Wants Trauma Center On Other Platforms?

Kotaku posts the question whether or not Atlus’ Trauma Center franchise should be expanded to other consoles.

After having finished all the games with the exception of the first DS game where I’m stuck a little past half way, the Wii controllers and the DS stylus is the way to go. The way the game is controlled really gives that feeling that you’re a wannabe doctor trying to save fake lives.

Bottom line, I don’t see this game playable on any other console other than Nintendo’s.

Sega says no to Shenmue 3 for now

Sega: No Plans For Shenmue III, Seaman 2

In an interview by Kotaku to Sega of America president Simon Jeffery, Sega is not yet ready to continue Yu Suzuki’s Shenmue series just yet.

Well at least he didn’t say no. This gives us fans of the series hope that this game may still see the light of day.

I have the games on both the Dreamcast and the Xbox and I was hoping that the rumor of chapter III appearing on the Wii could come true. I can always dream can’t I?

Rumor mongering

Phantasy Star Portable Information Overload news from
Rumor: Shenmue On Wii, Anyone? Anyone?

Let the rumors begin!

The first story is not exactly a rumor. The next installment of Phantasy Star will be on the PSP. Wouldn’t it be great if you can actually have an MMO on your handheld and if you don’t, you can always play the single player game. Much like one of the first (if not ground breaking) MMOs on a console and that being the Dreamcast.

Will Shenmue actually make the light of day? Now this is really a rumor. I have a copy of Shenmue on the original Dreamcast and missed Shenmue II on the Xbox (which I regret). So news of this game coming out really has me very excited. But based on how earlier incarnations of this series ended up, I highly doubt it will actually come out. But I’d like to be wrong on this one.

Leave reality behind

The Formula 1 season just started last weekend and what better way to celebrate than to oogle at these pictures from Kotaku. Yes, I did say Kotaku. Now why would a gaming site host pictures like this one above.

Because that image above is the in-game engine of GRAN TURISMO!!

Yes race fans! What you’ve always dreamed about is in the ultimate driving simulator. In the past we’ve complained about the physics and the handling of the Formula 1 cars in games published by then 989 Sports and even EA Sports. I’ve wished that it would have the handling of Gran Turismo.

Well wait no more. For a mere 2 Million in game credits, you can drive Kimi Raikonnen’s championship car in the game.

Now that is something to wait and play for.