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What did we get right on TGS 2009?

– GT5 Demo – yes Release date -No
– FF13 No exact release date for North America, New demo yes
– No LBP or Assassin’s Creed demo for the PSP
– Demo and playable MGS: Peace Walker
– No dev kit announcement.
– No God of War 3 other than the demo will be part of the GOW PS3 bundle pack to be released in the coming weeks.
– No release date but more playable demo of White Knight Chronicles

– Yes – Wii price cut
– No – DS price cut
– No Wii Zelda Game
– No HD Wii
– No new controller
– Motion Plus technology not exactly a big thing for Nintendo

– Still no handheld.

Pleasant surprises of the show:
– Playable MGS: Peace Walker PSP
– Playable Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep PSP
– Tekken 6 on the PSP
– Yakuza 4 PS3
– Lunar: Silver Star Harmony PSP
– Final Fantasy Agito XIII PSP
– Parasite Eve: The 3rd Birthday PSP
– Final Fantasy Versus XIII PS3
– Persona 3 Portable PSP
– Sony Wand device to be released in Spring 2010

– 4th! (Yes I did say 4th) Professor Layton game DS
– Final Fantasy Gaiden: Warriors of Light DS
– Phantasy Star Zero DS
– Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers
– Okamiden DS

Xbox 360
– Forza Motorsport 3
– Nier Gestalt (Square-Enix action game)
– Alan Wake
– MGS 4 using Natal controllers

– Resonance of Fate

From the list above I was surprised at the number of Square-Enix games that were shown. No sign of anything they acquired from Eidos yet. Maybe next year in the GDC. Sony showed a lot of games especially on the PSP. Nintendo was also focused on it’s own handheld as well. I only mentioned those that caught my eye. So the Bayonetta, Dead Rising 2, Lost Planet 2, Crackdown 2, Assassin’s Creed, I have a tendency to ignore since those games are covered to death by other gaming sites/ blogs and I don’t play them.

There was also Sony’s display of hardware including a 250 GB limited edition FF XIII PS3 bundle and a peek of all the accessories to be released for the PSP Go.

All in all this year was a pretty good show with nice surprises even if overall attendance was down by 10k.

Rumor: Dreamcast games coming to a console near you

PS2, Dreamcast Games May Come to PSN, Says Allegedly Leaked Doc – Sega – Kotaku

Looks like the future of downloadable games is good. According to Kotaku, PS2 games and Dreamcast games may be coming to the Playstation Network in the form of downloadable content.

Ten years after the release of the Dreamcast it still has it’s gaming legs, coming to the PSN is big. Of course the return of PS2 games is also big. Will this finally allow gamers to install their PS2 games into their PS3s and play them? Since the removal of the backwards compatibility, it has been a tough choice for gamers who still want to play their old games. Let’s face it, the PS2 is the best selling console of all time. Though it may be eclipsed by the Wii in a few years, there’s still a lot of PS2 games out there.

The Dreamcast may be ten years old but the games still hold up today. If my Dreamcast was still working I’d like to play Shenmue and Chuchu Rocket on it again. If Sony is serious about this, I’ll be one of those who will be buying all those games all over again.

Things I hate

Things I hate
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I understand the whole security thing with shops. But do they have to stick it in the middle of the book! The adhesive is so strong that if you try to get it out it will ruin the page.

For now…. please keep this quiet!

Wii price drop confirmed: $199 starting this weekend

More evidence surfaces that the Wii will drop to $199 as early as this weekend. According to Engadget, along with screenshot to boot that Best Buy will start selling the console at this new price on Sunday.

I guess we’ll have to wait until tomorrow or Friday for Nintendo to make a formal announcement in TGS.

TGS 2009 Predictions

The Tokyo Game Show is the last major show of the year and is highly anticipated as the gaming industry is expected to reveal it’s holiday lineup and upcoming games. It is also notably one of the few shows that is open to the public.

This is an interesting year for gaming. All three consoles are more or less mature now in their deployment. The much awaited games have already been released for each console with the exception of the PS3 which still has to release any of it’s exclusive games.

The gaming industry isn’t doing so well with the closure and/or acquisition of others. It looks like all the games will be released in the 4th quarter while leaving a drought of games in the middle of the year which translates into lower sales figures compared with the year before.

While all three consoles will be present, all eyes will be on Sony and Nintendo as it is their home turf. The Xbox has had some success in Japan but is largely overshadowed by the home team.

This year’s keynote will be given by Kaz Hirai of Sony.

-Playable demo Gran Turismo 5 with release date for Japan
-Release date for Final Fantasy 13 North America
-Playable FF13 apart from the demo
-Playable Assasin’s Creed and Little Big Planet on the PSP
-Kojima Productions trailers (no hands on demos, just tech demos of MGS: Peace Walker)
-Introduction and release of PSP store and PSP mini dev kit
-Playable demo of God OF War 3???
-Release date and demo of White Knight Chronicles for North America???

-Wii price cut (practically confirmed)
-NDSi price cut or DS price cut. (I expect this around the same time the PSP Go is released or near December)
-New Wii Zelda game
-HD Wii announcement?
-New Wii controller with integrated Motion Plus included.
-More playable games using the Motion Plus technology

-I’m still waiting for that hand held.

What are your thoughts on TGS this year?

Blu-ray lens up close

Blu-ray lens up close
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A little over a year ago, my PS3 suffered from the so called blu ray
death. It will accept all other discs except blu-ray ones. It had to
happen at the worst time, I was halfway through Metal Gear Solid 4. I
finally had it repaired 6 months later after I had purchased another

At least it was the only thing that broke. I didn’t have to replace
the whole console. Unlike another console out there that kills the
whole thing.

How has your PS3 held up so far?

Seen today

Seen today
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Fiddling around the city with a Nikon D700. These stray cats sure look
well fed.

Seen today

Seen today
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Fiddling around the city with a Nikon D700. These stray cats sure look
well fed.

The next MMO franchise

Recently at E3, Square-Enix revealed they are releasing a new MMO for the PS3 aptly called Final Fantasy XIV. Initial exclusivity on the PS3 and PCs. I say “initial” because” Square-Enix did not comment if it will come to the 360. But knowing its recent history, it should also be multi-platform.

It’s not surprising that SE is developing a next generation MMO. FFXI just celebrated its 7th year and I’ve been playing the game since it came out in english for the PS2 in 2003. Although it is profitable for Square-Enix with thousands of active users around the world only second to World of Warcraft, it’s not HD. Well not HD on the PS3. It’s HD on the Xbox 360. FFXI stands out as the only true multi-platform MMO in the world.

So why release a new MMO when the old one still works?

Gamers want HD. Well at least myself. FFXI on the PS2 is severely dated compared to the PC and the Xbox360. My sister refuses to play the game on the PS2 anymore because of the bad graphics.

FFXI is now too advanced. The game is now mature and there are a lot of high level players. One thing I’ve noticed about “matured” games, there isn’t enough new users coming into the game to keep he community fresh. This is evident by the presence of more players from the low level areas to the high level areas. Although FFXI always keeps the franchise fresh by expansions and updates and “holidays” which is able to keep the players attention to keep on playing. But everything reaches an end.

I hope FFXIV won’t be too different from the current version. That mistake led to the loss of interest in Everquest 2 . I doubt that I’ll be able to import my character from FFXI.