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Doing what I’m good at: procrastinating

Why else would I call this blog if I didn’t do this myself. Now that I’m trying to get back on track. Back to the rhythm of blogging. How can I get back to it. Well the best thing I can do is try to catch up to all the things I’ve missed and simplify it as links here. I missed the olympics blogs. So I can only catch up to it now.

So let’s begin:

If you’re not aware, doomsday postponed to September 10. Hadron Collider launch postponed until September.

To understand this Godzilla of a physics project this rap does it justice.

Large Hadron Rap

2008 Olympics: The rise of a Dragon.

I have nothing against dragons. Actually according to the Chinese calendar, I was born under the sign of the dragon and that’s what they showed in Beijing. Unfortunately for us who couldn’t be there for one reason or another, the TV broadcast was really bad. Delayed telecasts is the bane of any sporting event. Why watch it on TV when you can surf the web and get the results or even watch it. The downside of watching it on the internet, you have download Silverlight. But of course there are other means.

But why watch the Olympics when you can be a part of it on your Wii. Yes, your Wii. Japan gold medalist Kosuke Kitajima apparently spent time training on the Wii in order to familiarize himself with the venue. Kotaku

It’s both inspiring and disheartening when I watch the olympics. Like, these are people who really dedicate themselves to their sport and the amazing things they do. But at the same time, what have I been doing with my life all along. I did harbor a small dream in my younger days of becoming an olympic athlete. I was however ill equipped mentally to focus.

Speaking of younger, did you see those gymnasts?

In the world of gaming,

Chrono Trigger: Chrono Trigger DS Hits America On November 25 which is a few days earlier than it’s release in Japan. I really feel like a sucker for buying all of this. The sick part is. I will.

Final Fantasy Online releases the Tidal Talisman, a limited edition item for $42.99 Unfortunately it’s only for North American players (or those who have a credit card). This item also comes with an in-game code for your character to use in the game.

Well that’s one way of monetizing items in the real world.

Speaking of Final Fantasy, Square-Enix will revise the game so certain notorious monsters will not take 18 hours to kill. Why?? Why change? I like it the way it is. It’s the challenge that makes it something to do. Not like Sky runs now that you can be almost certain to defeat the bosses.

FFXI will release a “level sync” system to allow high level players to party with n00bs. For those who aren’t playing some form of MMO or another, the system doesn’t allow your high level character to earn any XP from low level monsters. It also reduces the amount of XP earned by the lower level player if a high level player is in the party. Playonline

Wizards of the Coast releases a Dungeons and Dragons Facebook app. Server crashes a few days later and in the process deleting my character. Now I have to start all over again.

Sony announces new PS3 model. Still no PS2 compatibility. Damn you SONY!

Rock Band 2 will charge users $5 to be able to play your Rock Band 1 songs.

Square-Enix makes it very clear that there never be a Final Fantasy for the Xbox in Japan and assures the world that it is only Xbox is in the US. – Kotaku

Sony is milking the PSP cow so much that there’s another PSP on the way. Dual shock on a handheld?

Apparently it’s easier to develop for the PS3 than the Famicom. 1UP

Square-Enix makes a bid for Tecmo.

Iron Chef for the Wii feels like Cooking Mama. But it’s still as fun as it can get.

In other internet stuffs,

Yoda cannot get a Facebook account. There goes my Darth Vader identity.

The cute girl who makes your iPhone did not get fired.

iPhone is released in Singapore and the Philippines. Glitches mar the event. Catch? They were activating phones on Dell computers. That’s just so wrong.

Joss Whedon returns!

One of the best TV series ever seen, Firefly will finally make it’s HD debut on November 11. But in order watch the 14 only episodes ever made, you will have to let go of $90. Yes nine zero dollars. Gizmodo

There’s always the $4.99 for 3 episodes of Dr. Horrible on iTunes.

Don’t forget of course Dollhouse coming this fall.

Whew! That about covers it. I’ll get back to my regular blogging schedule this week. That is if I don’t procrastinate.