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Dragon Age 2: Legacy DLC

Dragon Age II: Legacy Trailer (PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Mac)

Downloadable content for Dragon Age isn’t exactly good. Dragon Age: Origins DLC’s were nothing more than keeping the fan base happy with buggy content that have no effect whatsoever with the game with the exception of “Golems of Armagarrak” and “Witch Hunt”. Compared with Mass Effect’s DLC, Dragon Age is a bit of a disappointment. But not for Legacy.

The main game is obviously rushed. The ten years that Hawke spends in Kirkwall can be finished in less than 40 hours including side quests. Though the graphics and the gameplay has improved as well as the streamlined inventory system, the locations and dungeons are endlessly recycled which makes for a pretty monotonous backdrop for a very personal story.

Bioware has listened to it’s fans and have given us Legacy.

The DLC can be finished in three hours and is accessible even after you’ve finished the main game. I’ve finished the DLC on the PS3 and it is stable. Apart from the warrior female Hawke animation gets a bit jittery, there was no such problem with the mage Hawke.

The entire environment is built from the ground up. No recycled dungeons here. New party dialogue has been voiced for the DLC. Try changing party members through multiple playthroughs to get all their reactions.

The game itself deals with Hawke’s father Malcom and the Grey Warden’s prison. Unlike other DLC’s that seem to just enter the dungeon and kill everything, this one actually fills in some details between the Hawke family. Let’s just say it’s best that your sibling better survive Act I of the main game and tag them along for this one.

The last boss was a bit challenging at first but once you get the strategy down, it’s pretty simple. Just keep running.

I’m pleased that this DLC turned out the way that it did. Much like how pleased I was with the “Lair of the Shadow Broker” in Mass Effect. If you’re a fan of Dragon Age and you’re still looking for more things to do, then get this DLC. You won’t be disappointed.

Dragon Age 2: Legacy is now available for the PC, Mac, Xbox360 and PS3.

Dragon Age 2: Legacy

This is the first DLC for Dragon Age 2 and it has been said to “fix” complaints by players about the game. Namely the recycled environments.

I do wonder in what part will they insert this? I’ve already finished the game three times and there are some parts chapters that I’m not too keen on playing again. I hope it’ll be like Mass Effect 2 where the DLC adjusts whether or not you have completed the suicide mission or not.

The DLC will be available for the PC, Xbox360 and PS3 on July 26, 2011 for $9.99.