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Time to Return to Ostagar

The much anticipated and very much delayed DLC for Dragon Age: Origins has finally been released! I can’t give an opinion on it just yet as I’m playing this game on my PS3 instead of the Xbox. But I’ll be sure to download it and play the minute it’s available.

Return to Ostagar is still coming

Dragon Age’s Ostagar DLC Coming (Again) Soon

Gaming sites report that the very much delayed DLC for Dragon Age, Return to Ostagar may be released soon. After the embarrassment  early this year with the DLC as well as the day 1 errors for the Mass Effect 2 DLC, Bioware is taking great care now with their releases.

I just wonder if it will actually come out before Awakenings. Maybe Awakenings itself maybe be delayed as well. But as long as they release it working. I don’t think gamers would mind waiting. We’ve already waited this long.

How crazy is it gong to be in the next few weeks?

Why can’t videogame publishers release their games in a more timely manner?

Here are the games to be released in the next few weeks.

January 25
Tatsunoko vs. Capcom (Wii)
Mass Effect 2 (Xbox360, PC)

February 1
White Knight Chronicles International Edition (PS3)

February 8
Bioshock 2 (PS3, Xbox360)
Dante’s Inferno (PS3, Xbox360)
Star Ocean 4 International Edition (PS3)

February 15
Aliens vs. Predator (PS3, Xbox360)
Dynasty Warriors (PS3, Xbox360)

February 22
Heavy Rain (PS3)
Endless Ocean: Blue World (Wii)

March 2
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (PS3, Xbox360)

March 9
Final Fantasy XIII (PS3, Xbox360)
Yakuza 3 (PS3)

March 16
Dragon Age Origins: Awakenings (PS3, Xbox360, PC)

March 31
God of War 3 (PS3)
Super Street Fighter IV (PS3, Xbox360)

Persona 3 PSP coming to North America in July

Official Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable Website

Good news to English speaking fans of Persona. Atlus is bringing one of the last great RPGs of the PS2 to English speaking shores on the PSP. But this version is no port. It’s a brand new story and you get choose if you’re going to play a male or female character. One of the big draws of the game is the in-game social aspect where you try to “win” your classmates as you try to juggle your life between fighting shadows at night and studying to making friends during the day. It pretty much puts you in the shoes of the character.

Atlus just  has so much love for it’s fans that they bundle the soundtrack with the game which is unseen in other game publishers and what took Sega ages to decide whether or not to bring Yakuza 3 over to countries that speak another language other than Japanese. It takes them less than a year to bring over their titles. Persona 3 FES was once feared never to see western shores made it. I applaud Atlus for bringing over these games. I do hope that they get their PS3 game done soon and bring them over as well.

Good things come to those who wait

In order to keep RPG fans placated until Final Fantasy 13 comes out, White Knight Chronicles International edition will be on sale on February 2. This is great news! Finally a game that will keep me off Dragon Age. But does what Dragon Age didn’t do and that is 4 player online co-op. You can play with random people off the internet or form a party with your friends. Much like Diablo, you can carry over your single player character to the online one. But this game offers more than what Diablo did. It almost like an MMO that you can play without having a care in the world, or play it MMO style, form parties and explore what the world has to offer.

The international edition comes with improvements from the original Japanese version along with some fixes. See, it pays to wait sometimes.

FREE car update for GT PSP

The Gran Turismo PSP car pack is now available for free at the PlayStation Store.

The update includes the following cars.

2009 Bugatti Veyron 16.4 in the Black M color
2008 Citroën GTbyCITROËN in yellow
2009 Nissan GT-R SpecV in an exclusive blue color
1974 Lamborghini Countach LP400 in Arancio orange
2002 Ferrari Enzo Ferrari in Giallo Modena yellow.


DLC Returned to Bioware

Dragon Age Return To Ostagar DLC Now Unavailable – Dragon age: origins – Kotaku

According to reports posted on, the delayed DLC for Dragon Age: Origins “Return to Ostagar” was available on the Xbox Marketplace for a while before it was pulled out due to bug with specialization skills.

Returned!?!? You can imagine what went down at the forums after this announcement.

Then let the chaos begin.

I’m actually losing hope that the Awakening expansion will out on time in April if they can’t get this 1 hour DLC off the ground, what more with 15 hours in Awakening. They may be able to get my faith back if they are able to make one of these “announced” release dates true. In the meantime, Bayonetta, you have all of my time until White Knight Chronicles and Final Fantasy 13 till then.