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It’s hard to blog while on vacation

Yes being at home in the Bay Area makes blogging a lot difficult. With the clean air and the warm weather (at least until the weekend), one can easily forget what to do for the day. Not to mention that my RSS feed is now 2000 unread and counting. Will try to post something later.

LIttle Big Boo Boo

Little Big Planet Delayed Due to Quran Controversy


Finally a AAA exclusive title comes to the PS3 and it gets delayed. Apparently passages of the Koran were found in the lyrics of one of the songs in the game.

Gamers now have more time to pre-order the game. But those who have already pre-ordered it, chances are it may have already been shipped to you.

It’s sad in this day and age for game developers to overlook this. Sigh and another week of wait for me.

DSi software will be locked to region

DSi-Only Software Will Be Region Locked

Say goodbye to the region free handheld gaming of before. Nintendo had always been region free when it came to their handhelds and now they will implement the lock due to its “internet features”. Huh?! I thought them internets were all the same wherever we went?

Let’s just hope they don’t release something cool in Japan that we can’t get on the North American version of the DSi. I also hope that the physical games will still be region free.

One thing I don’t get with the region locks in any console is the fact that the language barrier alone is already a turn off from buying let’s say the latest Bleach game. But I’m a fan and has a basic knowledge of gaming hiragana and katakan. Wouldn’t me purchasing the game be of any help to the game? If the developer would like it to be restricted to region, they can always build that in. But as for me I prefer region free gaming so I’m not always stuck with North American games.

Help get Stan Bush in either Rock Band or Guitar Hero.

You Got The Touch: Stan Bush Wants “The Touch” In Guitar Hero, Rock Band

For a lot of us who grew up in the 80s, the Transformers is one piece of our childhood that cannot be forgotten. How else can we explain the crowded movie theaters last year when Michael Bay came out with Transformers. We went there to see Optimus Prime and Megatron. How else can we show our love for those massive robots? We can immortalize them in song.

If you missed the Transformers the Movie (it’s available on Amazon), Stan Bush wrote a number of songs for the movie in true 80s rock anthem fashion.

Mike Fahey wrote to Stan Bush and asked him if there was anything he could do to help get his Transformers songs into either Guitar Hero or Rock Band. Stan Bush replied that he’d appreciate to have his games there.

So tehre you have it fans. We must help Stan Bush get “The Touch” into Rock band or Guitar Hero. I’d personally prefer “Dare” and it be available on both franchises. But this would seriously be a win.

Since no instructions were left on the Kotaku post on how to move this forward. I guess writing to both EA and Activision would be the next step.

Nintendo DSi

Nintendo Announce New DS: The Nintendo DSi

My post may be a little late in the making but let’s face it. There’s a new Nintendo DS on the block and it’s the DSi. Say goodbye to the GBA slot and say hello to the SD card slot. Smile for the 3MP camera and get ready to buy games via WiFi at the DSi shop.

My surprise was the SD card slot. For the uninformed, piracy on the handheld is done primarily through these portable storage devices and usually requires the user to purchase an add on to install on the DS to be able to use SD cards on it. Wouldn’t this make it easier. Nintendo gets plus points on the built in browser and the camera but it had a shorter battery life than the current version. The screen is bigger by 17% which is a significant improvement  but does it warrant the $180 price tag?

I would just get it because I’m a gadget freak but it’s not enough for current buyers in my opinion. The camera comes in a little late in the game unless they can think of something else to do with it. Hint hint, a portable eye toy maybe? It might make me think twice if it was at the same price point as the DS lite. But Nintendo has announced that there is no plan of removing the DS lite from store shelves anytime soon.

But I was hoping for something a little more exciting than this.