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Buy n Large

Buy n Large

This is a very interesting website. A preview of sorts of Pixar’s new movie “Wall E” due in summer 2008.

Back from Vacation

I know it’s really been a while since I updated my blog and now’s the chance. I’ll try to sum up the past two weeks of my Thanksgiving vacation and everything that I’ve done over the next few days.

November was a financially tough month for gamers since a whole lot of games came out for practically every platform. Gears of War was released for Windows, Rock Band, Ace Combat 6, Beautiful Katamari, NBA franchise games, NFL franchise games, Mass Effect, Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction, PSP Slim, Final Fantasy Online: Wings of the Goddess, Sim City Societies, and the list goes on and on.

I had to pass on the Ace Combat flight stick and Rock Band due to the size of the boxes that these things came in. I wasn’t willing to pack the thing and haul it across the Pacific knowing that it would probably get here. I was right there when Rock Band came out and everyone walking into the store was walking out with one. Oh the pain and the agony of not having one. I pride myself of being a pretty good Guitar Hero player and not being able to play it is just heart wrenching.

Anyway, moving on. I finally jumped in and bought a PS3 with my cold hard earned cash. I outright bought DiRT and Heavenly Sword. My cousins had already gotten a PS3 some months before and I must admit. Even if all the good games at the moment are on the Xbox, I still like coming home to the Playstation. There is no dual shock right now, but it does not negate my experience of rally racing on DiRT. In fact, I think I actually played better on the PS3 than on the Xbox.

I’ll post some more on my vacation, unfortunately a SD card corruption caused me to lose all the pictures I took on Thanksgiving so I wont be posting any pictures.

I finally got one

I couldn’t resist it while I was looking at it in the store. It was just calling out to me. Begging me to set it free from it’s black box with the Macy Gray album on the cover. Yes, I made the jump and paid for a brand new iPod Touch.

Despite many websites citing the obvious flaws of the device, I must say that it’s still something to enjoy. Unlike most of the western world who will get their hands on localized versions of the iPhone in their country before the end of the year, the rest of the world has to wait another year for it and I’m not willing to hack an iPhone in order to get one. SMS messaging on it is archaic by Asian standards and surfing on the EDGE network is just so last gen especially in places such as Asia.

So let’s cut to the chase, the iPod touch delivers on what it promises to be, an iPod. It’s still a great music player (debatable sound quality tho) and video player. Watching videos with subtitles is definitely much easier with the bigger screen. I’m a big video fan of the iPod and the ability to load up at least 6 movies into it and watch it is a joy. Cover flow on it needs some work such as the ability to control the volume and part of the track you want to listen to other than just play-pause buttons on it. Viewing in coverflow shows you all your albums even if it’s not in the playlist you’re listening to.

16GB is just right since my opinion of the iPod is that what’s the point of carrying 3 months worth of music in your pocket if it doesn’t have the battery life to play it. Although 8 might be short for people into tv shows and movies.

Buying music on the iTunes store is smooth. I have two accounts, one on the Japan iTunes store and another on the US store and it syncs with the store to whichever is currently logged in the iTunes in your computer. So I can view both stores on it regardless of my current location. I bought a song just to test it and it downloads fast and is placed into a separate folder in my iTunes as Purchased Music from (insert name of iPod).

The Safari and You Tube experience is something to behold. I’ve gone through a lot of devices (Palm, O2, Nokia, Sony Ericsson and so on) and none of them was able to deliver on the internet experience similar to a PC. Apple delivers in their device. It works as advertised and more. Google Gmail has designed their website just for the Apple devices plus many more.

By default, the iPod Touch is gimped. You are unable to edit calendars, no To-do list, no notes. But with a simple hacking method (so simple that a caveman can do it) these are possible. Thus making the iPod Touch a PDA.

With these in mind, the iPod Touch delivers my needs. Other people have different requirements for the device but all in all I am pretty happy with the device. The only thing I hate, the shiny iPod back that is now pretty scratched up in my jacket pocket. They really need to get into the brushed metal finish. I really really really hate that shiny finish.

As the World Turns

NBC Universal wanted cut of Apple hardware sales

Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. I’ve been neglecting my regular posts here and I know I have to post on a lot of things.

A cut of anyone’s hardware sales is ridiculous and I can probably guess how Apple reacted when they heard that from NBC Universal. Just because that Microsoft and Zune said yes to the $1 “tax” doesn’t mean that the rest of the industry will follow suit. Why don’t they do the same on the content they “rent” on the Xbox Marketplace since Microsoft recently announced that fir the first time, their gaming unit is finally earning some money. Plus the reasoning that the reason for the “tax” is because people bought the iPod so they can but their shows off the iTunes store. But take note, their shows are only sold in the USA and not in the rest of the world. Don’t tell me they also wanted a cut of the iPod sales in Japan??

Then if they weren’t getting enough money off iTunes, then sell it everywhere. Why alienate the Mac users whose only way of getting legal downloads of their shows that would play on they iPods? There is a lot of potential and a lot of places where they can sell their content. I prefer to sell everywhere than nowhere. It’s not as if it costs them a lot more to sell or convert in other drm filled formats.

So where does this bring NBC Universal, one word, HULU!!

Who what? Apparently NBC has also pulled all their content off You Tube and placed it into their own ad filled video site called HULU! Currently in private beta (which means most of us cannot get into), it promises many things (other than having a “creative” name). But it still remains to be seen if NBC decisions will either separate them from Apple (as they have vowed to do) or will they come running back.