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More interactivity with ramen
Press “e” for eggs.
“o” for onions.
Click on the mouse over the bowl to add noodles.

Will add more stuff.

Animated Ramen

This particular homework was problematic at the coding level at first. Working with Alex, my assigned partner we figured out on how we’d like to animate our projects and went to work.

I went through 3 different revisions of the code posted last week since now I had to add “void setup” and “void draw”. One will setup the set elements into the sequence and the other will animate.

The bowl was problematic at first as it kept saying I was mixing “active” and “static” elements. I then moved the bowl code to be included in the “void setup” command and it worked! Now the problem was how to animate.

At first I could get the “mousePressed” command to work properly. I gave up on that code at first and moved on to another code to use. I ended up without control in the case of my ramen. Everywhere I moved my mouse it just spread the “ramen” code all over the screen.

So in frustration I gave it a rest. Then in one lazy Sunday morning I figured it out! It turns out that I lacked a closed curly bracket

And here’s the final product. Click on the mouse to add the ramen and for the final touch, press the spacebar for the eggs, spring onions and chopsticks. Enjoy!


Ramen in a can

TOKYOMANGO: Instant ramen in a can

What will those Japanese think of next? I love vending machines. It provides me with a quick fix of almost anything. Especially in Japan where I can get both hot and cold drinks from it. Lisa Katayama of Tokyo Mango has posted this find of Instant Ramen in a can. Sweet! But sadly the only vending products where I live are canned sodas and coffee drinks. I’ll make it a point to look out for these the next time I’m in Japan.

Never go hungry again!

The ramens emergency kit!!! : Akihabara News .com

I must say that this is an essential kit for any ramen lover (or East Asian) and probably for any student. But I would replace the lighter with matches though. You can never tell when you need it and you’re out of lighter fuel.

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