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Dissidia Final Fantasy 2

YouTube – DISSIDIA 012[duodecim] FINAL FANTASY JF2011 Trailer.

The PSP fighting game which brought together the main heroes of every Final Fantasy game ever made (and I do mean every game every made, what ever were they thinking when they brought in Shantoto for FFXI is beyond me, she was more like an anti-hero to me) against their corresponding nemesis has a sequel. Yes, Dissidia Final Fantasy is coming back with the addition of Lightning from FF13.

But judging from the trailer. There’s a whole lot of new characters as well. Vaan fron FF12, Yuna from FF10, Laguna fron FF8, Cain fron FF4?, and Tifa from FF7.

I was already impressed by the first game, this should be nothing less. But I wish Square-Enix would bring to the PS3. It would be a refreshing change from all the Street Fighters and Tekkens and all the other brawlers out there.

Dissidia Final Fantasy 2 comes out in Japan and the US on March 2011.

This caught me by surprise

While I was looking for new books to put on my Kindle, I came across this. Square-Enix hasn’t exactly been exact with their release dates. We just usually just wait and wait and wait and wait until it actually comes out.

But not today! A firm release date of September 29, 2010 has been announced as the release date for the PC version of Final Fantasy XIV, the next MMORPG from Square-Enix.

Sadly for PS3 fans,

Next year!?!?! That’s not a release date, it’s a prison sentence!?! Wait! Wrong analogy. That prison sentence statement should actually be attached to Gran Turismo but that’s for another post. But 6 months after the release date? That’s a long time. I may be forced to buy a PC before that happens. And even sadder for those are used to playing Final Fantasy XI on their Xbox360 for the past four years since there is no mention of the game to appear on the console (yet) but that wait could be even longer.

If only Square-Enix could release their other games sooner but thank you for this pleasant surprise.

Final Fantasy XIII Video Game, International Trailer HD

Final Fantasy XIII Video Game, International Trailer HD | Game Trailers & Videos |

The international trailer is out and it’s making me want to play the game now. It’s scheduled to be released on both the Xbox and PS3 on March 9. I still think that game is already complete and we’re all just waiting for the Xbox version to come out. At the least we’re no longer waiting more than 6 months for the English version to be released.

Final Fantasy XIV Beta Test applications begin

I’ve been playing the MMORPG Final Fantasy XI since it came out on the PS2 in 2004 up until today. The prospect of testing the next MMO coming out next year is quite exciting. Interested individuals can sign up here. The game is expected to be released for PCs and the PS3 sometime in 2010.

So it’s not a perfect game

After almost a lifetime of waiting (five years in gaming is practically a console cycle) Final Fantasy 13 will finally be released in Japan TODAY. The famed Famitsu gaming magazine has given the game an imperfect score of 39/40.

The only Final Fantasy game to receive the honor is FF12. Fan favorite Final Fantasy 7 earned 38, while the PS2 FF 10 earned a similar 39/40.

Only four games have been awarded this year the coveted “perfect score”. Those include Bayonetta, Super Mario Brothers, Dragon Quest 9 and Monster Rancher 3.

Many gamers are fickle folk who will read heavily into reviews before making a purchase, while others will buy the game regardless if it was good or not based on reviews just as long as it had the franchise name on it (Final Fantasy, Guitar Hero and so on…). So does one point matter?

I think the game will still be hit. Despite many advances in RPGs by Bioware with Mass Effect and Dragon Age as well as Fallout and Oblivion with Bethesda, there are still a lot gamers who still like the linear gameplay and beautiful cutscenes. I for one will still buy the game. Square-Enix has shipped 2 million copies of the game for the launch.

So the game did not get the perfect score from Famitsu. It will still sell millions, just one point shy of the perfect score merely tells gamers that, it’s good ,but not perfect for us, but still good.

But for gamers such as myself, April is still too far away for me. I’ll try not care until then. But here’s a thought, was the international release date pushed to spring just so they can release the Xbox version at the same time? I hope not. Because if they did, I would rather be playing it anyway on the PS3 than to wait for the Xbox version to catch up.

FFXIII North American release on March 9, 2010

Yes, it was released to the gaming press before PlayStation Home aired it. But at least March is much much better than December 2010.

Waiting and waiting for a trailer

Players are now waiting in the lobby of the movie theater in Playstation Home eagerly awaiting for the Final Fantasy 13 trailer which is due in less than an hour. Will it finally announce a release date for the rest of the world? Why would Square-Enix go through all the trouble in creating a countdown to November 13 (which is Friday the 13th FYI) just for a trailer.

Whatever it is, we’ll know soon enough.

November 13 is important for Final Fantasy XIII

And no, the game will not be released tomorrow. But instead, Sony will fill the ten screens of Playstation Home with a new trailer! Yes, a trailer. But we are all hoping for something bigger than that. It could be the North American (English) release date which would be sweet. Then only for my happiness to be deflated by the sight of a Spring 2010 release date. Like sometime in May ; ;.

We only have a few hours to find out.


Domina Shantotto’s annoying quests

Now that the fall update for FFXI has arrived players in Vana’diel can now play the third add on scenario which deals with everyone’s lovable (sarcasm) black mage, Shantotto.


FINAL FANTASY XI “A Shantotto Ascension” — New Trailer

Shantotto is up to no good as she makes a mistake that sucks her into a portal. While leaving Windurst to Sarutabaruta, my moogle goes after me with a letter from Shantotto saying that I am now a member of her group and that I must head on to Quifim Island with a number of items in hand.

Final Fantasy XI: A Shantotto Ascension TGS 09: Debut Trailer

Now this is where this add-on gets really annoying. You’ll have to farm/ buy items found in the Maze of Shakrami, Gusgen Mines and Ordelle’s Caves. Synth these items together with other ingredients and bring them to Qufim Island. The sick part is farming them.

Picture this, everyone who purchased the add on is farming bats, crawlers and skeletons in these areas. It’s not a 100% drop. It’s rare/ex. The item can be bazaared as well as the synthed item. But you can’t sell the synth item.

The fact that you can sell the raw materials means every RMT player (real money trader) is camping out there for these items and selling them. Grrr… I just need 2! (Now that’s a hint).

On top of that, the items are not 100% synth. It’s a hit or miss. So if you lose one of the items during synthing, you’ll have to do the entire process again. That really sucks.

So in the meantime, I’ll subbing THF in the hopes that I’ll get the drop. It’s off to the Ordelle’s Caves for me for the last item. I need to make room. These things aren’t stackable.

FFXIV Music to be performed in Chicago

As 2009 comes to a close, the Distant Worlds concert tour of Arnie Roth and Nobuo Uematsu will end the year in Chicago. They will include new music into the mix particularly the theme of the upcoming MMORPG, FFXIV.

I had the pleasure of attending the Singapore concert in the middle of this year which was amazing and I’m glad that they’ve brought the concert series outside of Japan and the United States into other countries as well.

Uematsu will be there and will be seated with the audience. Just like in Singapore! The concert will be on December 12.

Here’s hoping they come back to South East Asia next year!