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site where people can post pictures of people parking like assholes. Check out the asshole SUV taking up 3 spots!

I love this site!!! it has happened to you before. The one and only empty parking space has been hogged by someone who cannot park right. This is long overdue. I’m printing out those forms and start tagging all those cars whose owners can’t seem to park or even have the decency to park right. Parking is a privilege.

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Gears of War and the Xbox

I finally gave in last weekend and bought Gears of War for the Xbox. It seemed like a nice game. But I was a bit hesistant to cough up the $60 to buy the game. I had gotten so used to the usual $50 with previous consoles so the price seemed a little bit steep for me.

Just to give a little perspective, I’m a Japanese console fan. I own both the PS2 and the Gamecube, PSP and the DS I didn’t give the original Xbox my time or my money. Until Final Fantasy XI Online came out for the Xbox.

I had been playing the game for around 2 years now and solely on the PS2. I started to think, “What would I do if my console suddenly broke down?”. That scared me into buying an Xbox.

My search for an Xbox is another story, let’s just say I was playing FFXI the whole time since May until December. I did buy Oblivion and Project Gothan Racing 3 along with it but it didn’t really earn my time on the console other than FFXI. That is until GOW came out.

I had read the reviews and heard my cousin raving about it but I coudn’t really see why. I never liked playing shooters on the console due to it’s lack of control compared to a mouse and keyboard. I played Halo on my Mac and it was satisfying enough. But not enough to convince me to get it on the console.

I checked the reviews again and listened to my cousin and since there was no Wii in stock that I could buy, I finally gave in and flopped the cash for what could be “The Game of the Year.”

I must say it is awesome. Console shooters require a little more help with the controls and GOW does it. It’s quite easy to get into the game and the difficulty is just right for people who aren’t used to console shooters. If anyone had any resistance (no pun intended PS3), buy it now and you wont be disappointed. Just as long as they don’t release it as a greatest hits version in the next year or so. It’s worth the console and it’s worth the game.

Now to see if another Xbox game comes along that will stop me from playing my FFXI and GOW. Until the Wii comes out, I’m out fragging.