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Bento!, originally uploaded by mdelamerced.

Lunch today is an elegant bento box in a new restaurant we’re trying
out today.

Microwavable pork rinds

Microwavable pork rinds, originally uploaded by mdelamerced.

I know they’re bad for my heart. But I just had to try these since you can pop then in the microwave like popcorn. We’ll see if they’re any good.

More yogurt

More yogurt, originally uploaded by mdelamerced.

Is it just me or does the Red Mango yogurt in Trinoma taste better
than the one in Eastwood mall?

Parking Indicators

Parking Indicators
Originally uploaded by mdelamerced

I went to the mall and saw these at the parking garage. They’ve
attached lights on each space of the lot. Green means vacant and red
is occupied. It’s a great idea that should save time looking for a
space. All parking lots should have this. Especially the ones that are
usually full.

Can you tell the difference?

Can you tell the difference?
Originally uploaded by mdelamerced


Originally uploaded by mdelamerced

Haven’t had these in a while. Today seemed to be a good time to have


Originally uploaded by mdelamerced

There seems to be a yogurt craze going on in the city. But I found one that serves sweet ice cream type yogurt in the Shangri-la Mall. They also have the sour kind to top off with fruits.

Panic buying

Panic buying
Originally uploaded by mdelamerced

Everyone is out in the grocery stocking up before the storm. Here’s the rack for the instant noodles or what’s left of it.

Five months later and I want the mac book air

After spending the month of April traveling across the United States as evidenced by my flickr stream I want a mac book air.

It was the first time I saw one let alone touch one in the Apple store in Pentagon City and also in Burlingame. Let me describe how I came to that decision.

The last time I flew to the east coast was in 2002 and that was just NYC. This time around I went around the D.C. and Virginia area. Mainstream media has not been kind to US carriers in the past few months and just days before my flight the American Airlines grounded flights came out so I was a bit paranoid about my schedule. When I got my tickets from the office I was aghast that they booked me on American Airlines and the bookings didn’t give me any comfort. I planned a trip to Richmond, booked a hotel and all as well as the flight and flew AA on my return to the Bay Area. I was ok with that. But at the last minute I was hesitant in bringing my mac book pro across the country. It was five pounds of additional weight that I didn’t want to carry. I decided on packing light enough so that I wouldn’t have to check in any luggage. The net addict in me couldn’t leave it behind so I packed it in as well. I printed my boarding pass and went through security and straight to the gate. The terminal was at the far end of the airport so I felt every pound of that mac book pro rippling through my arms.

For the first time I flew Jet Blue from San Francisco to New York, took a connecting flight to Richmond, VA to visit a friend, rented a car, got lost in downtown Richmond, got stuck in the hotel due to a storm, tornado and flood watch, got driven out of the hotel by a false fire alarm. At this point my fingers were beginning to ache from the pain of lugging all my belongings across the country. I took an Amtrak train up to Washington and hauled my stuff on and off the train plus around Union Station to get to the Metro, walked another block to the get to the hotel in the pouring rain and finally checked in.

On my way back to San Francisco, I passed by Dallas, TX to find out that my flight had been canceled and had to take the tram four terminals away to my rebooked flight. I felt like I was already in Austin from walking the airport. Needless to say, the flight was overbooked. So the plane was full of passengers and carry-on luggage and miraculously I was able to fit it in.

I finally got to San Francisco despite the airline pilot just banging the plane on the ground which had to be the most uncomfortable landing on this trip so far. Is it just me or do planes always park at the end of the terminal so you’ll have to walk the stretch of the airport to get to the arrival area. All this time I was wishing for a lighter laptop.

So for the sole purpose of traveling around the world, I want a mac book air. Even if it’s just for weight.