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Hadron Collider moment

In honor of the CERN’s Large Hadron Collider, I hearby bestow upon the world the term “Hadron Collider moment”. This refers to events or moments that under normal circumstances shouldn’t happen but they did but they should’ve happened after the Hadron Collider was switched on which makes this September 10, 2008. This is what I call these moments to infer that the Hadron Collider has already turned our world upsidedown. We just haven’t noticed it yet.

Some examples include,

  • Sebastian Vettel’s F1 win at Monza.
  • The Wall Street Meltdown
  • The Xbox 360 outsells the PS3 in Japan
  • Jack Thompson disbarred

just to name a few.

If you know any more, do share.

These however, will live on forever!

BREAKING: Tamagotchi Still Exists, Has Evolved Color

After more than a decade entertaining kids and adults alike, the Tamagotchi will release a new version in Japan and will arrive in North American shores pretty soon. New technology such as iPods and mobile phones have not deterred the younglings from this virtual pet. Take note of the IR and the new colors they come in.

These songs will live on forever

Original Rock Band Songs Won’t Be Offered As DLC

As I wait for my copy of Rock Band 2, MTV has announced that Rock Band 1 will never be taken off circulation and you will have to buy the entire disc instead of buying it song by song via DLC.

At least this is one game that won’t degrade in resale value over the years. Sweet!