LHC, closed until spring

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Collider halted until next year

The damage caused by the helium leak last weekend has turned up a lot of problems. It wasn’t just a little liquid helium leak but a huge helium leak. About a ton of liquid helium leaked into the tunnel last week which caused the shutdown of the facility.

But with the incident coming so close to winter, the LHC will not power up until spring. CERN will shut the facility down for the winter in order to save on energy bills since it’s on high demand during the winter.

I don’t know why but I like monitoring any news about the LHC. Probably because if they succeed, they are almost for sure getting the Nobel prize among others. As well as one of the most important researches in physics in this generation.

That is if they don’t kill us all in the process. I kid! I hope.

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