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Weekend Yogurt

This week I tried out another yogurt place “The White Hat”. It’s not bad actually, much similar with other yogurt stalls out there but this time I tried a different combination. Aside from the usual original yogurt with peaches and/or blueberries. White Had strawberries in syrup which I tried with the green tea yogurt.

I must say it is an interesting combination.

On certain days, they even get strawberry yogurt which is just as good. My mother ordered one and was thinking of sharing it with my dad but she finished it before it could get to him. When you have a chance, I highly recommend getting the strawberry yogurt. It’s not always available but definitely worth the wait.

In the weeks that I’ve been away

I spent time either working or recuperating from what I call weeks of hell while the Olympics was going on which took over a sizeable chunk of my working life. Not to mention endless meetings and more meetings.

So in order to make up for lost time I believe I’ll be able to blog more consistently in the next few weeks. Until something comes up in the real world.

Allow me to procrastinate and think it over while I go get a nap.

Home early!

Today was a pretty good day. I’m home early! Apparently the typhoon over Hong Kong is cancelling a number of flights into China. Not that it has anything to do with me.

My hectic schedule has driven me away from my Wii Fit again. I forsee this happening for another two weeks for the duration of the Olympics.

But that doesn’t stop me from trying to read all of my RSS feeds and flagging those I want to blog about.

Gizmodo posts that Electric City Akihabara is now on Google Street Maps. Kakoii!

PS3 fans still have something to be happy about. FF Versus XIII is still a PS3 exclusive – Kotaku

I’ll see if I can post more stuffs tomorrow.

Dozing off this weekend

Finally I’ve gotten some “me” time and totally ignored almost everything that is happening in the world. Seriously, I have no idea what’s going out there aside from iPhone activation problems.

Finally updated my iPod Touch to 2.0 and installed the apps. Haven’t bought one yet though. My favorite one so far is the Remote app and Twitterrific. The remote app is great! Now I have to place speakers throughout the entire house and wire them to the Airport Express so I can hear and control music from anywhere in the house.

I’ve been 1 month away from my Wii Fit which is why there hasn’t been any updates on that part. I will need to get back on it. Probably by tomorrow. I don’t expect to working 12-16 hour shifts next week. Actuallly I need a vacation after all of that. Even if it’s just one day.

I still have to get started on my D&D 4th edition and pass by the comic book store as well to pickup some new Secret Invasion issues. I’ve got around 5 manga books that need to be read and don’t get me started on my gaming backlog. I actually needed another Xbox than a PS3, but due to unfortunate circumstances, I have another PS3 while I send the other one for repairs. Yes I got the dreaded blu-ray death.

Other than that, I’m just relaxing like steamed vegetables.