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One game, two versions, same price

Final Fantasy: Echoes of Time Gets A Release Date: News from

The latest money maker for Square-Enix, Final Fantasy: Echoes of Time has now been given a US release date of March 24 for the Wii and DS. Both will retail for $39.99. My next question is, “why?!?!”

I know “Final Fantasy” is a premium title. That’s one of the reasons why they’re charging so much but for two different platforms? It’s not as if one is coming out on the Wii and then on the PS3. It’s coming out on a home console and a handheld. Handheld!

This is such a pain. I guess we know now where SE is getting the money to pay off for Lara Croft.

Gamasutra – Square Enix Makes $117 Million Bid For Eidos

Final Fantasy XIII official trailer


This is really late but you view the trailer from the official website or download it directly to your PS3 or Xbox360. Yes, I did say Xbox 360. It really is coming to the gaijin console. I’ll be posting a review of the Japanese demo once I get my hands on it.

GI Joe The Rise Of Cobra Official Teaser Trailer in HD Superbowl Spot Ad

In the continuing trend in Hollywood to recreate my 80s childhood. I must say that I am definitely going to watch this movie when it comes out.

Just a question: why is the Baroness figured very prominently in this trailer?