Starving Student

Part of a personal social experiment (and originally meant for members of my family and friends). I’ve established the starving student page. As I enter grad school and under the mercy of a meager allowance and thrifty living. I’ve created a starving student wish list with my These are items (mostly food and laundry detergent) that any starving student will need. Though I don’t have high hopes for this, but it couldn’t hurt to try.

You may not be able (or willing) to pay my tuition, you can however help me get through this and finish my degree. I will post the items received through this method on my blog and will add items as I go along. I’ll be posting on a regular basis on what I’ve been doing with the stuff that you’ve sent me, so you can really see that I am a starving student. Though my mother may not agree with the nutritional value of some of the items and will not send them, you can help get around her. 😉

So, if you feel that my education is worth that box of oatmeal, I’ll be eternally grateful. You’ll also find your names in first thing I make. Whatever that may be.

Just click on the link and help a starving student get her master’s degree.

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