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Yosemite day 1

Finally reached Yosemite after four hours of driving. It was pouring! Talk about a bad mix, cooled and rain. Temperatures definitely went into the zeroes as snow closed off highway 120 and Tioga Pass. Just basically drove around and checked the places we’ll go to over the next few days. I ran these pictures through Photoshop express on the iPad and posted them here. I’ll post the more spectacular colored pictures when I get another decent wifi place. I really need to get some thermal socks. I left them at home.

The fails of the trip. I forgot my photo chair in San Francisco. No T-Mobile service here. Only At£t. Wifi at the hotel is lobby only for $9/day. Wifi at Yosemite Lodge is only for guests, no pay access. gas is an incredible $4.36/gal.

But the views make up for all that.