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Kurosawa Film Festival

The Official Website of the University of the Philippines Film Institute

The Japan Foundation, Manila will be bringing in original 35MM prints of films of Akira Kurosawa. The best part, screenings are FREE!!
Every student of film should not miss this opportunity to see his films in the way they are meant to be, on the BIG SCREEN!

Screenings will be held at the Cultural Center of the Philippines and at the University of the Philippines Film Institute.

Baumkuchen from Japan

My family was strolling down Ginza last weekend and wondered why there was such a long line and they decided to line up themselves. At the end of the line was this bakery that was selling these freshly baked goodies.

According to Wikipedia, the “Baum Kuchen” or King of Cakes, is a kind of layered cakes from Europe. It is traditionally sold in rings. To create the effect, a layer of cake is poured on a core that is baking. Once a layer has been created, another is made on top of it thus creating the ring effect.

They got a box (which was sealed and could last up to 6 days) for around ¥1,500 I think.

They brought it home to me and we opened it.

These pictures don’t even do justice on how it tastes like.

Note how the rings are made.

I also like the card it comes with when you open it.

Japanese washing machine and bidet

I’ve been able to do my share of laundry and seen all sorts of laundromats during my time but this takes the cake. I can assume that this is a large heavy duty washing machine where you can select the load on the left side and adjust for time and temperature of the water and start it off on the right. Is that correct?

The toilet is fairly straight forward. I’ve never had much problems with Japanese toilets. But what is the LCD screen for?

Japanese water heater and rice cooker

How hard can it be to heat water in Japan? Which button would you press? ;P

Or cook rice?…Sooo which is the rice cooker and which is the water heater? I’m so confused. ><

Super sized Nintendo DSi

Nintendo announced a few days ago a new extra large DSi. It will be first released in Japan with other regions to follow in 2010. It is originally meant for “older” gamers who want a bigger screen to read and more space to use the stylus.

The DSi LL is about and inch larger than the current DSi. I guess the bigger screen also does not help with the battery life either as the the DS Lite still has the longest playtime for the handheld. Notice the bigger stylus. Now it really looks like a pen.

Judging from the screenshots, the bigger screen seem to have better graphics than it’s predecessor.

But I also know that the graphics are originally made for a specific resolution. Thus any graphical improvement if any is limited to the size of the displayed image and not from the image itself. In short, the bigger screen will not improve the quality of the graphics. Think of it like you just zoomed in an image and you’re seeing the bigger pixels.

Will I get one? I think not. If you already own the previous incarnations of the DS then there is no need to pick this one up. Unless you want to get your parents or grandparents a DS then this should be the right thing. But then there’s the issue of the cost. In Japan, the DSi LL will set you back ¥ 20,000 ($220 USD, or Php 10,000++). This practically puts it in the same price range as the PSP Go which retails at ¥ 26,800. Unless Nintendo phases out and drops the price on this thing I may even consider a purchase. But still, I’m still very happy with my battered DS Lite which I got a while back and the DSi doesn’t have anything that interests me right now.

I’ll wait until my current DS (knocks on wood) to die before I even think about picking this one up or if they release something so earthshaking on the DSi platform that I really must have. I think this is a safe step up for Nintendo by giving more of the same features as the original DS but incrementally adding features to keep a new crowd interested. Much like what Apple does with the iPod.

The Nintendo DS LL will be released on November 21 in Japan and early 2010 in North America and other territories.

Ramen in a can

TOKYOMANGO: Instant ramen in a can

What will those Japanese think of next? I love vending machines. It provides me with a quick fix of almost anything. Especially in Japan where I can get both hot and cold drinks from it. Lisa Katayama of Tokyo Mango has posted this find of Instant Ramen in a can. Sweet! But sadly the only vending products where I live are canned sodas and coffee drinks. I’ll make it a point to look out for these the next time I’m in Japan.

Things that we will never see

Xbox Live: Japan Can Buy Microsoft Points Over The Phone

Xbox Live users in Japan will be able to buy MS points over the phone starting next week.

Interesting that MS decides to have this service in the land of the rising sun where the Xbox isn’t really setting anyone on fire. Of course Japan has one of the most advanced mobile phones and network in the world. They can already buy almost everything on the phone. Get GPS directions and print it on a nearby printer.

Oh if only every network in the world was like Japan and efficiently provide us with ther services we need. Like the need to buy MS points.