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Baumkuchen from Japan

My family was strolling down Ginza last weekend and wondered why there was such a long line and they decided to line up themselves. At the end of the line was this bakery that was selling these freshly baked goodies.

According to Wikipedia, the “Baum Kuchen” or King of Cakes, is a kind of layered cakes from Europe. It is traditionally sold in rings. To create the effect, a layer of cake is poured on a core that is baking. Once a layer has been created, another is made on top of it thus creating the ring effect.

They got a box (which was sealed and could last up to 6 days) for around ¥1,500 I think.

They brought it home to me and we opened it.

These pictures don’t even do justice on how it tastes like.

Note how the rings are made.

I also like the card it comes with when you open it.

Weekend Yogurt

This week I tried out another yogurt place “The White Hat”. It’s not bad actually, much similar with other yogurt stalls out there but this time I tried a different combination. Aside from the usual original yogurt with peaches and/or blueberries. White Had strawberries in syrup which I tried with the green tea yogurt.

I must say it is an interesting combination.

On certain days, they even get strawberry yogurt which is just as good. My mother ordered one and was thinking of sharing it with my dad but she finished it before it could get to him. When you have a chance, I highly recommend getting the strawberry yogurt. It’s not always available but definitely worth the wait.


Bento!, originally uploaded by mdelamerced.

Lunch today is an elegant bento box in a new restaurant we’re trying
out today.

Microwavable pork rinds

Microwavable pork rinds, originally uploaded by mdelamerced.

I know they’re bad for my heart. But I just had to try these since you can pop then in the microwave like popcorn. We’ll see if they’re any good.


Originally uploaded by mdelamerced

Haven’t had these in a while. Today seemed to be a good time to have


Originally uploaded by mdelamerced

There seems to be a yogurt craze going on in the city. But I found one that serves sweet ice cream type yogurt in the Shangri-la Mall. They also have the sour kind to top off with fruits.