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Hilarious Muppets Bloopers!

This probably has to be the best rickroll I’ve seen. Not counting the Steve Jobs interview on Mahalo though.

Bikini babes are more harmless than Bart and Homer’s rants

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Simpsons ditched by Venezuelan TV

I know this isn’t tech related. I know missed the news that iTunes is now the king of music and so on. But I can’t pass this up.

A Venezuelan TV station has removed the popular cartoon series “The Simpsons” because of complaints from TV viewers and deemed unsuitable for children. It has now been replaced by Baywatch Hawaii.

Ah yes. Cartoons. But seriously, Baywatch?!?!

It is also noted that this station also airs a talk show by President Hugo Chavez.

Back from Vacation

I know it’s really been a while since I updated my blog and now’s the chance. I’ll try to sum up the past two weeks of my Thanksgiving vacation and everything that I’ve done over the next few days.

November was a financially tough month for gamers since a whole lot of games came out for practically every platform. Gears of War was released for Windows, Rock Band, Ace Combat 6, Beautiful Katamari, NBA franchise games, NFL franchise games, Mass Effect, Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction, PSP Slim, Final Fantasy Online: Wings of the Goddess, Sim City Societies, and the list goes on and on.

I had to pass on the Ace Combat flight stick and Rock Band due to the size of the boxes that these things came in. I wasn’t willing to pack the thing and haul it across the Pacific knowing that it would probably get here. I was right there when Rock Band came out and everyone walking into the store was walking out with one. Oh the pain and the agony of not having one. I pride myself of being a pretty good Guitar Hero player and not being able to play it is just heart wrenching.

Anyway, moving on. I finally jumped in and bought a PS3 with my cold hard earned cash. I outright bought DiRT and Heavenly Sword. My cousins had already gotten a PS3 some months before and I must admit. Even if all the good games at the moment are on the Xbox, I still like coming home to the Playstation. There is no dual shock right now, but it does not negate my experience of rally racing on DiRT. In fact, I think I actually played better on the PS3 than on the Xbox.

I’ll post some more on my vacation, unfortunately a SD card corruption caused me to lose all the pictures I took on Thanksgiving so I wont be posting any pictures.