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Xbox360 @ E3

I know these updates are coming pretty slow but they’re coming.

The Xbox360 had quite a showing at E3.

Project Natal is now Kinect
I knew there was something weird with the name Natal and apparently audiences did not warm up to the name which was announced to the public a year ago. It’s still pretty much the same and will still use the camera peripheral in order to track your movements. There’s no wand or wii mote to help the camera guide you so setting this up will be quite interesting. With that in mind, I’ll assume you can’t play this in a dimly lit room since the cameras need some light in order to track something it sees. The freedom in movement looks interesting with nothing in your hand to accidentally throw at your very expensive LCD TV. The list of games is pretty much the same as you would expect with motion control. You have your usual sports games but the dancing is a new thing for motion control since there is no floor pad. But is this new?

No, Sony had a similar device to this called the Eye Toy which was originally released on the PS2 and had it’s share of motion detection. Nothing new for Kinect other than the response time and the graphics. We’ll just have to wait and see when Kinect comes out in the fall.

Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360

Kinect Dance Central | E3 trailer XBox 360

There’s a new Xbox design

New XBOX 360 250GB E3 2010 [HD]

The new Xbox finally gets it right. Built in WiFi, 250 GB HD and Kinect ready. All wrapped up in a shiny black box. Doesn’t that remind you of another console?

But for most of us who might be buying this console, we already have one. How on Earth do we transfer all our stuff to the new console. You now can with this hard drive transfer kit for only $15 USD. You’d think they’d at least include it in the box.

Despite all of this the big question remains, has Microsoft fixed their dreaded red ring of death? I for one have gone through at least four consoles. Thankfully fixed by warranty but it’s the first time that a console actually died on me after all my years of gaming. Not to mention that it is the one console that all my friends and I share the same dilemma. It has died on us at least once.  It may have the most popular games but it is technically the worst console I have owned. Gone are the days where gaming consoles could take a beating. I try to limit moving the console from one place to another for fear of it getting broken. So have they fixed it? Reports say they have. Only time will tell. It’s available now for $299 USD.

But after all of their announcements, there’s still something missing in my opinion, the handheld. Yes the handheld. I’ve been waiting or clamoring for the Xbox team to come up with a portable gaming device to go up against Nintendo, Sony and of course Apple. It is the once space they haven’t made any inclinations of entering. Is it necessary for them to enter this space? Yes. Handhelds sell. Nintendo has sold more DS units than all the consoles sold by Sony and Microsoft together. I think it’s only a matter of time before they do. Maybe in five years, the same amount of time it took them to fix most of the Xbox 360.

I’ll wait for the PS3 version

Ever since Square-Enix announced a few months ago that a number of titles were heading to the 360, a lot of RPG fans felt betrayed (this seems to be the word of the day). So games like Infinite Undiscovery, The Last Remnant, Star Ocean and Final Fantasy XIII will see the light of day on the 360 giving a much needed RPG boost to the American console.

But so far, it hasn’t been good to Square-Enix. Infinite Undiscovery just went from $59.99 to $19.99 in a matter of three months. Not a good sign if you are selling games. And now comes “The Last Remnant”.

Initial release for the 360 and eventually on the PS3 and the reviews aren’t exactly good.
The Last Remnant for the Xbox 360 from
The Last Remnant Review: Strategically Sound, Technically Flawed

In short, too many bad things to make this RPG even good. We’ll have to see what happens when Star Ocean comes out next year and FFXIII when it comes out. FFXIII has the distinction of being released first on the PS3 before being ported to the 360.

This is one game that I will wait on the PS3 and hope that they will fix all the technical issues plaguing the game.

How many Xboxes have you gone through?

Rumor: “Jasper” 360 Consoles Hit The Market

In the 3 years that the Xbox 360 has been around I have officially gone through four consoles, three of them defective. A friend of mine in the office has gone through two and soon to be three.

The first one fell through the 3RL and E61 error, the 2nd one had those disk read errors, the third one had that perpetually “open tray” problem and now I’m on my fourth.

And now, rumors of a “safe” xbox are coming out. I’ve heard that before. Like when I got the 3rd one. “This one is safe now.” I’ll never trust these claims again.

This is just really sad, like really really sad. I’ve had my 1st generation PS2 since 2001 and it’s still running fine.

Was Microsoft so desperate to topple Sony in the console wars that they released a console which was made from a lot of faulty parts? Unfortunately, it was Sony who shot themselves in foot and Nintendo is just kicking everyone’s asses. Sure the Xbox did good on this generation but at what cost?

I feel betrayed. Like when you buy something that you know is supposed to be well made and built and spent a good amount of money on it and in the end it turns out to be a lemon. It’s much harder to get trust back.

Have you been hacked on your Xbox?

Sore Thumbs

Dan Hsu, former EGM editor in chief and now gaming journalist writes about his story on IGN where his account was hijacked. He continues on and gives tips on how to avoid getting hacked.

It just makes me really sad. What can you actually do with that hijacked account except to create mayhem and make some player miserable.

It’s wasn’t the hard drive

Xbox 360: Why The 360 Didn’t Ship With A HDD (And Why The PS3 Did)

This is some crazy marketing being done by Microsoft here and lame reasoning in my opinion. The original Xbox didn’t get clobbered in the market because it had a hard drive. There wasn’t just any reason to buy one then. Much in the same case as the PS3 is in now.

There were no real games (other than Halo) on the original Xbox that would make me buy one back then. The PS2 was such a juggernaut that all the games anyone wanted was on it. Developers were able to fit their games into the dual layer DVD discs that were norm back then.

Fast forward to today. Almost everyone ships with some form of internal memory. The Wii comes with something. The PS3 has it standard on all their consoles. But the Xbox ships it optional, and for what? To claim that they are cheaper than the Wii. Thinking that making it cheaper than the Wii will help them overtake Nintendo.

This is a dangerous claim by Microsoft since most of their current games require an internal drive of some sort to save their games. Before the consumer knows it, he would have racked up an additional $50 or even more just so he can play the games he wants. Shipping without a hard drive is a complete u-turn from the “center of the living room” campaign they are doing right now with the digital rentals, media center connection and the Netflix connectivity. You’re going to need that bigger proprietary hard drive that they are shipping. Developers are stating that they are reaching the limits of the Xbox. This is a console that is not really a next gen console. But the best of the last gen.

Apparently only a small percentage of gamers are really into the high definition gaming with all the bells and whistles that some games come in. But what is the Wii showing us, that people don’t need the HD support, or the DTS surround sound. What matters to gamers is the gameplay. It just so happens that it’s the casual gamers that are driving up the sales.

Did the previous gaming generation end too soon? It was such a runaway win for Sony with the PS2. Even now it still sells. Nintendo and Microsoft were so far behind that they had to come up with the Wii and the 360 in order to survive in the marketplace. And us gamers were just so happy to buy the next console that hit the stands.

Given the choice today I still would have purcahsed the elite instead of the cheapest version. Why? It’s like buying a PC. Buy the better version because before you know it, the geniuses behind the machine would have thought of doing something more with the machine. Such as those Netflix rentals.

Apparently price is not an option

Console Wars: Sony Doesn’t Seem Concerned By Xbox 360 Price Cuts

Since the Xbox is now priced lower than the Wii, this leaves Sony in a very expensive position. They are currently the most expensive next gen console on the market by failing to break the $300 mark. From their statement they still feel that they can generate enough sales to push forward.

Some people may say that this is not a good idea. No one will buy a more expensive console blah blah blah and so on. But on the other hand this shows a focus for the electronics giant. The Wii suceeded in a market which the Xbox and the Playstation didn’t fully serve, the casual market. Apparently there are that many casual gamers out there to warrant that it’s been almost 3 years since the Wii launched and there still isn’t enough to go around.

What the Xbox is now trying to do is get that casual market by lowering the prices of their console to make it more attractive and including “Mii” like avatars even though they’re not cute. Microsoft however is risking lowering their profits by going this route and possibly stretching their wings a little bit too far.

This strategy worked for the PS2 which still has a ton of games. Can the Xbox make this generation work? The failure rate of the Xbox is very disheartening. I know for a fact since I’ve gone through3 consoles myself in the past three years. This is not very encouraging.

Whatever happens, it’s the consumer who will profit. Despite earning warnings for practically every industry except for the oil, I think gaming will still have a very good year.

Is it time for a new Xbox?

Xbox 360 devs reaching the ‘upper end’ of the console’s graphic capability? – Engadget

Epic Games, developer of Gears of War and Unreal Tournament has expressed that they may already reaching the limit of the console.

If that’s the case, the Xbox 360 reached its end pretty quickly with both the Wii and PS3 still have a lot in them. The tranformation of the Xbox into your home entertainment device with the addition of Netflix rentals this fall could be a way to increase the value of the console. Already priced lower than the Wii, I think we could expect at least a preview of the their next next gen console by E3 next year.

E3 is now over and how did we do?

I think I did pretty well in predicting some E3 announcements.

Things I got right

  • Animal Crossing for the Wii
  • Newer Xbox 360 (actually HD upgrade to 60GB)
  • Newer PS3 (now with dual shock 3 and 80 GB)
  • Star Wars Game for the iPhone (does it count as a major game?)
  • Pikmin for the Wii
  • Rock Band instruments are now cross compatible with future Guitar Hero games
  • Almost got it right with Bungie (if not for its “publisher”)

It’s not bad. I missed out on all the new Wii peripherals and no really redesign or controllers with any of the consoles.
The biggest surprise was certainly the Square-Enix jump to the 360. But Sony is apparently saving something for the Tokyo Game Show which happens this fall.

Things that probably got overlooked at E3

Cooking Navi (DS)

This game was released in Japan 2 years ago and I’ve been wishing forever that it would be translated to English. And it has! It’s not really a game but a cooking guide where a chef will teach you how to prepare and cook various dishes. It even comes with a timer. I’m definitely getting this.

Where on E3 is Bandai Namco?

Last year, Bandai Namco released Ace Combat 6 and Beautiful Katamari for the Xbox 360 exclusively.

This year apparently, they only released a Tales of Vesperia demo on Xbox Live Marketplace and that Eternal Sonata will be making its way to the PS3 later this year.

After just releasing Soul Calibur IV, what’s next?

Microsoft has no answer yet to the handhelds of Nintendo and Sony

With device and game sales outselling that of consoles shouldn’t the handheld market be something of interest for Microsoft?

There must be something there M$. There’s always next years E3.

Well the week is not over yet so there maybe more to say this weekend.

Hell has frozen over

Square Enix: Final Fantasy XIII Coming To Xbox 360

I’m sorry PS3 fans. It has happened. FFXIII is coming to the 360. The unthinkable has happened. Although it was not the only driver for me in buying the PS3 in the first place but it seems that the game has regionalized the gaming world with Japan with the PS3 and US and Europe for both the PS3 and 360.

Probably due to high production costs and low user base of the PS3, this prompted Square-Enix in sealing a deal with Microsoft. Surprisingly, in an interview with, FFXIII producer Yoshinori Kitase says that development for the Xbox 360 version hasn’t actually begun. This means that this deal was made very recently. Hmmm.

But still, a lot of Square-Enix development is currently on the 360 with eventual release on the PS3. Are the days of exclusive games coming to an end?

It will be interesting to see how the 360 version will pan out with the game originally made with blu-ray in mind. Imagine cramming over 50GB of data on a number of DVDs on the 360.

Does this strike a nail in the coffin for the PS3? That remains to be seen. But personally, I’ll be getting this game on the PS3 because I prefer the controller and interface that Sony brings.