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Urian Anthology 1990-1999

For the past 35 years, journalists and scholars have been documenting and preserving the history of Philippine Cinema. It is with great joy that the third volume of the Urian Anthology has finally been released.

The latest volume documents films released between 1990 and 1999.

Dr. Nicanor Tiongson at the book launching.

It is a must read for any true student of Filipino cinema and even more so for those who grew up with the films documented here.

I’m already looking forward to the next volume which includes the rise of independent films in the Philippines.

Anime Festival X!!

AFAX- Anime Festival Asia

Singapore will once again host the Anime Festival Asia 2010!

Returning to the Suntec Convention Center in November will be Danny Choo, Maid Cafes, Kaname, Regional Cosplay Championship, and I Love Anisong and more anime experience zones. They’ve also added the premiere of Gundam 00 and The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya. There are new zones to explore with the Atelier Royale Butler Cafe and all new acts for I Love Anisong.

May’n and Ichirou Mizuki returns to I Love Anisong for the two days of the festival including JAM Project, Angela, and Scandal!

Sadly this year I will not be able to attend due to previous commitments. But I will return next year! I will just have to scour the web and twitter for updates on the festival.

Anime Festival Asia will be held November 13-14 at the Suntec Convention Center in Singapore. Entrance tickets will be sold at the gate. Concert tickets will be sold through Sistic. Just hope that there aren’t other events in Suntec. It gets really crowded. I advise those who are going to come really early and buy your tickets in advance. The lines are really really long just for that.

AFA (Anime Festival Asia) Promo Video

Kurosawa Film Festival

The Official Website of the University of the Philippines Film Institute

The Japan Foundation, Manila will be bringing in original 35MM prints of films of Akira Kurosawa. The best part, screenings are FREE!!
Every student of film should not miss this opportunity to see his films in the way they are meant to be, on the BIG SCREEN!

Screenings will be held at the Cultural Center of the Philippines and at the University of the Philippines Film Institute.

Seen at the mall

Seen at the mall, originally uploaded by mdelamerced.

Really really sad sight when you look at the pet store and see this.
Poor turtle.

Duke Nukem Forver Lives!!

Duke Nukem Forever GAMEPLAY 2KGames (HD) @ PAX Sept. 2010 FULL (PS3 XBOX 360 PC)

Is it possible that the greatest vaporware of all time will actually see a release date!?! If any signs at PAX 2010 last week was any indication it will!! Gearbox Software purchased the rights from the original developer 3D Realms and to be published by 2K Games, Duke Nukem Forever will be released on the PC, Xbox360 and PS3.

How true can this be? A playable demo is the closest thing since that trailer that came out a few years back. One of the best games of the 90s will finally see light after only 12 years in the making. Fans stood 3 hours in line just to play it.

I hope Gran Turismo doesn’t hit that mark. Or the Final Fantasy 15. These games really take a while to make.

But will the game capture the imagination of it’s audience? When Duke Nukem 3D came out in the mid-90s, there was only Doom, Wolfenstein and a number of others with Quake to come a few years later. Console gaming wasn’t much. Multiplayer was only for the geek elite. Flash forward 12 years later. You now have an audience exposed through 4 Halo games, various incarnations of Battlefield, Call Of Duty, Gears of War, Fallout and so on. There’s just too may first person games out there. Will Duke Nukem find it’s audience? It depends on how it’s executed. Duke Nukem is not for anyone below 18, especially when the story revolves around Space Pigs kidnapping strippers and Duke goes off to rescue them. If you thought the conservatives were worried about the sex scenes in Mass Effect or the even the sex mini game in God of War. I’d expect Duke to be much much worse.

All that said. I’ll still pick up the game for the memories. It will be a big bonus if it’s actually good. Duke Nukem Forver is set for a 2011 release.

Lair of the Shadow Broker

Mass Effect 2 Lair of the Shadow Broker Trailer [HD]

If you only had enough money to buy a single Mass Effect 2 DLC, this should be the one. This is to answer the fans who complained that Liara didn’t have enough screen time in Mass Effect 2 after everything that the two of you went through in Mass Effect 1. This fills in critical scenes between Shepard and Liara.

This may actually have some replaybility compared to previous DLCs both for Mass Effect and Dragon Age. But that changes with “Lair of the Shadow Broker”. I suggest that you have at least reached the 2nd half of the game before playing this DLC. It would actually even be better if you chose Liara as your love interest in the first game which will make this one more interesting.

DLC will be released on Xbox Live on September 7, 2010 for 800 Microsoft or Bioware Points.

Beware of the Witch

BioWare | Dragon Age: Origins | Witch Hunt

UPDATE: It is the last DLC for Dragon Age: Origins. You will not get to bring along the rest of your party aside from the Dog. Yes!! I get to bring my Dog at last! Not to mention a new mage.

In what hints to be the last DLC for Dragon Age: Origins, it will attempt to tie up one loose end. Morrigan.

Yes the witch that may have broken your heart and just left without a trace will return. One year after your victory against the darkspawn word reaches you that Morrigan has returned to Ferelden. Or has she?

This has to be the DLC that everyone has been waiting for. This is making me chant “please don’t suck, please don’t suck”. Mainly because this DLC ties directly into Dragon Age and not just a chapter in Dragon Age. It ranks up there with the upcoming DLC for Mass Effect 2 “In the Lair of the Shadow Broker” which ties directly into the storyline of Mass Effect 2 which chronicles on how Cerberus was able to get Shepard’s body.

This is very different. This may even actually tie in events that will happen in Dragon 2! Could it happen? Of course it could!! This is a videogame!

Claudia Black (Farscape) reprises her role as Morrigan. Though it’s not clear of any of your original party will return. One new character will be a Dalish elf named Ariane.

The sad part about this particular DLC that it could be the last until Dragon Age 2 comes out in March. That’s a long time to wait for a game especially when they have been releasing DLCs quite frequent of late. But then it gives us more to look forward to.

“Witch Hunt” will cost $6.99 on PSN, 560 MS Points or 560 Bioware points and will be available on September 7.

Witch Hunt Trailer

Dragon Age: Origins Witch Hunt Debut Trailer

The final loose end in the Dragon Age: Origins storyline. Find out the fate of Morrigan next week. I may have to play this twice to see what changes if I agree to Morrigan’s offer or not. I just hope it doesn’t suck.