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E3 is now over and how did we do?

I think I did pretty well in predicting some E3 announcements.

Things I got right

  • Animal Crossing for the Wii
  • Newer Xbox 360 (actually HD upgrade to 60GB)
  • Newer PS3 (now with dual shock 3 and 80 GB)
  • Star Wars Game for the iPhone (does it count as a major game?)
  • Pikmin for the Wii
  • Rock Band instruments are now cross compatible with future Guitar Hero games
  • Almost got it right with Bungie (if not for its “publisher”)

It’s not bad. I missed out on all the new Wii peripherals and no really redesign or controllers with any of the consoles.
The biggest surprise was certainly the Square-Enix jump to the 360. But Sony is apparently saving something for the Tokyo Game Show which happens this fall.

I know where my bells are going on November 16

Yes Nintendo fans It has been dated and is coming to the Wii on November 16. Animal Crossing is coming to town!

The graphics still look the same and the same things from the Gamecube are still there such as flowers, fish, fruits and of course furnishings.

This incarnation of the game actually looks more like the DS version where the curvature of the world is prominent. Brewster, the local barista is also on the Wii and all the shops now are in the city.

This game will feature the Wii-speak add on. It’s basically a microphone where you can chat with other players online. I just hope that the game supports USB keyboards of some sort so writing all those letters to all my “neighbors” wont be such a pain.

Like previous Animal Crossing games, your character design is probably based on responses given to Rover on the bus. Your Mii can be added to your character as a makeover at the beauty parlor. But that still has to be confirmed.

All in all this is a strong holiday title for the Wii.

How long can the Wii last?

Back in 2003, Nintendo dropped the prices of the Gamecube to the magical price point $99 I quickly went to and ordered one for Christmas. Early that year my cousin had showed me Animal Crossing, Metroid Prime and Pikmin. Two games that I had to have after seeing it. So I ordered it early. Unfortunately UPS lost the box but knowing how nice Amazon customer service is, they quickly sent in a replacement. It didn’t make Christmas, but it did make me happy once it got to my hands.


The main reason I got the Gamecube was the games. I already had a console. The PS2 which had been in my hands since 2001. The minute I saw Animal Crossing, I knew I’d like that game. And like it I did. So much that my sister took over my Gamecube.

Fast forward to this generation, the Wii is at the top of the sales chart with the PS3 at the back of the pack. But are there any games worth my time?

Don’t get me wrong. I have a Wii and I like it. I have a few games for it such as Trauma Center, Super Mario Galaxy and Zelda. I liked the novelty of the controller and the fun in Wii Sports and Wii Play. I would like to get my feet onto that Wii Fit if only just to be able to ski on it. But how long can it really last?

No HD, no 5.1 surround (I’m sorry like really good surround sound), no excitement on the “games”. I didn’t pick up Metroid when it came out on the Wii, Mario Party 8 wasn’t something that I would sit down and play (but it’s in my library), Wario Ware had a very short attention span and Mario Kart is apparently a dud (that is if you played the Gamecube version which many didn’t and the wheel is practically useless).

Let’s face it Nintendo fans, there are very few quality games on the Wii. It’s has creatively created it’s own audience and that are the casual gamers. These are people who will probably buy the Wii for Wii Sports and buy two more games in the next 12 months. And the game that is coming up for them to buy is Wii Fit. The move is good for Nintendo but not for it’s developers.

As a serious gamer myself, I am still waiting for that game changing game to change my view on the whole Wii thing. I’m still waiting for Animal Crossing, Nintendogs and Brain Age for the Wii. When these 3 games come out. I must say, the console is dead and they need to release a newer version.

Every single KK Slider song at once

I have seen the face of hell and it is a white dog with a guitar.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Animal Crossing, the popular Nintendo only game. It’s kinda like Sims but with Animals. There is a character called KK Slider who comes into town every Saturday night and plays songs. Here is a video of all the songs he sings in the game.

And I do mean all of the songs at the same time.

Be warned.