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Should Tuesday be a holiday?

Grand Theft Auto IV – Mahalo


Unless you’re living under a rock, Tuesday marks the day when Grand Theft Auto 4 is released for the PS3 and the Xbox 360. It’s a game of anarchy and scandal. It’s been blamed for numerous violent actions and lawsuits. (Hot coffee anyone?)

But unlike the rest of the gaming world which has held it’s breath in anticipation of this game, I however am not. While my brother and my friends have pre-ordered the game months in advance. I couldn’t see the point. Yes it had a pretty interesting storyline voiced by Hollywood actors which put many games to shame. But it just doesn’t talk to me. I do enjoy blowing the brains out of fellow digital players online but taking the life of crime is not me.

Nevertheless I am a minority in the grand scheme of gaming who love this sort of thing. Why else would they make a fourth version if not to make lots of $$$$?

Anyway let’s see how the game progresses. But in anycase, it will beat any other media released this week. Not even Iron Man and Madonna can stop Niko.

Danica Patrick Wins!

Finally Danica Patrick wins a race! We waited for Sarah Fisher to win. Danica led the Indy 500 and everyone just waited for the first win to happen. Two years later and she wins in Japan.

Congratulations Danica!

Hilarious Muppets Bloopers!

This probably has to be the best rickroll I’ve seen. Not counting the Steve Jobs interview on Mahalo though.

As the world turns

Exec: NBC wants back on iTunes, anti-piracy measures | iLounge News

Well all I can say is. “I told you so.”

It is inevitable for media companies not to support iTunes or any other content distributor if they are bothered by the massive market share of iTunes. I’d prefer it that all content providers just sell their stuff everywhere and there are formats available for almost every major device. Then that would make all the difference.

Bikini babes are more harmless than Bart and Homer’s rants

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Simpsons ditched by Venezuelan TV

I know this isn’t tech related. I know missed the news that iTunes is now the king of music and so on. But I can’t pass this up.

A Venezuelan TV station has removed the popular cartoon series “The Simpsons” because of complaints from TV viewers and deemed unsuitable for children. It has now been replaced by Baywatch Hawaii.

Ah yes. Cartoons. But seriously, Baywatch?!?!

It is also noted that this station also airs a talk show by President Hugo Chavez.

Every single KK Slider song at once

I have seen the face of hell and it is a white dog with a guitar.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Animal Crossing, the popular Nintendo only game. It’s kinda like Sims but with Animals. There is a character called KK Slider who comes into town every Saturday night and plays songs. Here is a video of all the songs he sings in the game.

And I do mean all of the songs at the same time.

Be warned.

AAA games, Are they worth it on the first buy?

Last year was a host of AAA games for the Xbox 360. Halo 3, Call of Duty 4, Bioshock, Mass Effect, Rock Band and all of them I trekked down my local game store and bought them the day it was released. Thus emptying my wallet of at least $60 per month.

But with all the bills and life that I have to go through sometimes buying these games at full price is not an option. Unless of course, I’m a huge fan. Exceptions that I have made are titles with the word “Final” and “Fantasy” in the title as well as “Gran”, “Turismo” and any combination of the word “Metal Gear Solid”. Grand Theft Auto 4 is to be released in the next few weeks, where even my brother has pre-ordered the game. Is spending all this money worth it on these games?

I only got into gaming in Christmas of 1999 where I bought the PS One with my cold hard earned cash. Pretty late compared to a lot of gamers. I do however own an Atari 2600 and various classic handhelds currently in my basement. But I never owned an NES, Super NES or a Sega Genesis. I did get a Sega Game Gear in 1993 but I mostly used it as a TV instead of a gaming device.

I had been burned a few times in the past like with “Okami”, “Shadow of the Colossus”, “God of War 1” and a few other titles that I paid full price only to see it drop to $19.99 in 3 months. That really pissed me off. I benefited from Nintendo’s slash of prices on the Gamecube in 2003 where they dropped the console to the sweet spot of $99 and all the games that I wanted were in the $19.99 range which was perfect for me.

But in today’s next gen gaming, where everyone is trying to recoup losses in making the console, deals are hard to find. Even the slashed down price of $29.99 is still pretty high. So where does this lead? Cheap ass gaming.

I scour the forums for deals. Swap my old games with a little cash to get newer ones and save my money for that “must have” game. The last deal I got, a once played Devil May Cry for the 360. I haven’t played it yet, but at least it wasn’t full price.

Absolute Virtue

This is the only creature/ notorious monster that remains undefeated in FFXI. So to give players hint, Square-Enix released this five minute video on how they defeated Absolute Virtue.

Clever guys. At the most critical point, they zoom into the chat screen so you don’t really see what’s going on.

It took them roughly a few hours to defeat as far as I know. I’ll check if I can get my linkshell to do this uicide run for kicks.

David Hayter’s MGS 20th Year Tribute

Just a little something to tide Metal Gear fans until June.