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Halo Day

By now, Halo 3 is in the hands of many Xbox owners in North America. It is currently set to be the largest gaming event since the console launches of Nintendo and SONY last year.

I know I stopped blogging about games here. But I got tired of moving from one blog to another and it seems that my gaming views are not that far off from my tech views. So to kick off my return to blogging about games, I shall begin with Halo 3.

I never owned the original Xbox, although I’ve played through the original game on my mac (ironically was originally created for the mac before Bungie was acquired by Microsoft) I skipped the second installment (it came out the same time as Metal Gear Solid 3) and now we have Halo 3.

It cannot be denied that this is the one game that somehow kept the original Xbox in the gaming map but now it enters into very different territory. It’s life begins as the console is the number 1 selling next generation console (although debatable with Wii sales still surging a year after launch). Most people buying the game originally had the first two games on the original Xbox and now it has a much bigger audience with the success of Gears of War and Bioshock. No doubt they will buy the game (I would too). But it’s on the heels of their recent admission of hardware failures.

This is the one thing that brings this game (and so many others) to a level even below of the PS3. Consumer confidence is quite low on the hardware itself. Everyone I’ve known who owns a 360 has had it repaired or replaced within 12 months of owning the thing. I also brought mine for replacement. This is sad. I am afraid of playing Forza even if they say that it wasn’t the game’s fault for breaking a console, but over 50 pages of user reports of hardware failure related to the game can’t all be wrong.

I’m sure the guys at Bungie did their job. And once I get my hands on the game I’ll post something here, but if the console that it plays on wont last long enough for me to finish the game (or any other for that matter) it’s a sad waste of gaming greatness.

Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles

I know it’s been out for quite a while now and it was only recently that I had the opportunity to watch it. And I must say that it was worth the wait. Based on one of the most beloved anime of all time, Macross , Mospeada and Southern Cross was merged together by Harmony Gold in the United States to bring about Robotech.

I remember Robotech in the 80s. It was shown every afternoon and I must admit I didn’t start watching it until 1988. Now with digitally remastered versions on DVD they finally make a worthy sequel in the form of The Shadow Chronicles.

The animation is impressive for an American production. The 3D animations of the mecha blends well with the 2D animation of the characters. Even if the cast is not as big as we would’ve expected (after all this waiting you’d think they’d cram everyone in there), it stands on it’s own. It borrows some plot lines from Jack Mckinney’s Robotech book “The End of the Circle”. The sad thing about the series is that this is no direct to DVD movie. This is a TV series pilot at best.

I don’t want to spoil the movie for people reading this. But if you have the entire Robotech collection DVD and is a big fan of the series, go ahead and buy it. But if not and you’re just looking for something to pass the time just rent it and hopefully the next movie will come out soon.

Slimmer Macbooks Comiing

Slim Aluminum MacBooks Coming Soon from Apple | 9 to 5 Mac

In an entry in says that thinner and smaller mac book pros are on the way. These could land as early as this Christmas season.

My take on this is that it’s about time. One thing that prevented me from cashing in the intel portables was that I found a lot of it to be too cumbersome. I mean, you would have to be in business class in order for the mac book pro (15″) to fit on your tray table on airplanes. It weighs a ton when you’re lugging your things all over Europe and the battery life is not something to write home about.

So yes, I am going to buy this when this comes out just as long as it’s not a gimped mac book. For my needs, the mac book just cant cut it for me anymore. With that kind of chipset I might as well hang on to my trusty 12″ powerbook that I’ve had like forever.

And also I don’t want all my 12″ accessories to go to waste like my crumpler bag.