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Robotech is coming to the big screen

Maguire Attacking Big Screen In “Robotech” – New York Times

According to the Reuters News Agency, Robotech is coming to the big screen. Carl Macek’s vision of the future based on Macross, Southern Cross and Mospeada anime series will finally get the live-action treatment much like Transformers did.

I assume that Tobey Maguire will be playing Rick Hunter. But how this all plays out will be very interesting. The article does not say an estimated release date for the movie. It also mentions that FOX also picked up the rights to Voltron. Not sure if it’s the cars or the lions. I wouldn’t be surprised if another studio picks up the Gundam franchise at this rate.

Warner Brothers has the rights to the movie and no director has been announced.

I just hope that when these “big robot” movies come out, they wont be out of style just yet.