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Never go hungry again!

The ramens emergency kit!!! : Akihabara News .com

I must say that this is an essential kit for any ramen lover (or East Asian) and probably for any student. But I would replace the lighter with matches though. You can never tell when you need it and you’re out of lighter fuel.

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After ditching Apple, NBC opts for flex pricing and more DRM with Amazon

Showing us that it’s not all about Hulu, NBC inks a download deal with Amazon just days after the public spat between Apple and NBC. What’s Unbox got that Apple doesn’t? Flexible pricing and less “flexible” DRM.Now there must be something wrong with this picture. Why would I want to buy my videos from Unbox? Sure I love their “other” business which is selling tangible products such as books and CD’s. But their digital endeavor is somewhat “restrictive” in my opinion. I don’t mind that I can play my content only on two computers but the main fact is that I cannot play any of it on my mac or in my ipod is absolutely unacceptable.NBC isn’t charging more for their shows on Amazon (although they must be getting a bigger cut) they apparently prefer it because there’s “more DRM” than Apple. I must admit it’s still a flaky argument in their leaving the iTunes store.Most digital providers out there (other than iTunes) do not work on macs let alone the ipod. iPods account for more than 70% of the digital handheld market. The whole thing still doesn’t make sense to me.It must be frustrating to be in the movie studio/ music label industry right now that the very business model that they’ve been hanging on to since forever was turned upside down by the internet and digital conversion. And now one of the easiest ways to merge the two together was thought out by the Apple brains in Cupertino and not by them. Originally thought that it would fail they agreed to put their content on and now over 2 billion songs later, it’s not much of a struggle as it was five years ago when anarchy ensued in the digital market. If things stay the way they are now the same environment five years ago will come back much stronger.And why are we still paying for television? Why are we even having this argument? Fire up the TiVOs everyone!

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