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Slimmer Macbooks Comiing

Slim Aluminum MacBooks Coming Soon from Apple | 9 to 5 Mac

In an entry in says that thinner and smaller mac book pros are on the way. These could land as early as this Christmas season.

My take on this is that it’s about time. One thing that prevented me from cashing in the intel portables was that I found a lot of it to be too cumbersome. I mean, you would have to be in business class in order for the mac book pro (15″) to fit on your tray table on airplanes. It weighs a ton when you’re lugging your things all over Europe and the battery life is not something to write home about.

So yes, I am going to buy this when this comes out just as long as it’s not a gimped mac book. For my needs, the mac book just cant cut it for me anymore. With that kind of chipset I might as well hang on to my trusty 12″ powerbook that I’ve had like forever.

And also I don’t want all my 12″ accessories to go to waste like my crumpler bag.