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Apple wants to slash TV show prices in half, aggresively drive iPod sales

99 cents per show – There apparently was more to NBC’s decision to pull its shows out of the iTunes Store than we were led to believe. Apple is reportedly pushing the concept of cutting the prices of TV shows to 99¢.I must agree with Apple’s pricing strategy. It would match with a a lot of peole’s views. Why should I pay for something that I can normally get it for free? I think that even the $1.99 was a stretch. When the DVDs the come out, you can get better quality off the DVD which is cheaper than the stuff that comes out of the iTunes store. Not to mention the poor quality of the files that comes out of the iTunes store when played on an HDTV. I saw the Apple TV on display at the Apple Store and the quality was very bad. Think YouTube.I’m waiting for NBC’s press release on this. This actually makes their $4.99 seem ludicrous. But if Apple can get HD content out of that iTunes store and put it in my Apple TV and iPod touch I’ll gladly pay the $1.99 they’re charging now. Now they have to figure out how to get that HD file size into our home without hogging all our bandwidth and won’t take forever.

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