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It seems to be on track

iSuppli: iPhone outsells all U.S. smartphones in July

As the link above states it seems that the iPhone is on track with it’s sales. This blogger wonders if the number would have been higher if the device was open. (Meaning not locked to AT &T). With the eminent release of the iPhone sim unlocker which liberates new iPhones to be used with any carrier the user chooses things could change very drastically in the Smart Phone market.

Either way these are still very competitive numbers for a phone maker with it’s first phone in the market.

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Custom Transformers LEGO


I just love innovation. Especially when LEGO is involved. Here’s a guy who made a fully transformable Decepticon with LEGO bricks. More pics after the jump.

A look back

More into the Music Industry and Apple spat.

This is a great article by’s Jeremy Horowitz. He cites some great talking points about the NBC-Universal-Apple spat over the iTunes Store.

And more video on how the iTunes Store got started.