iPhone users revolt over $200 price drop

Apple’s substantial 33 percent price drop (of $200) on the 8GB iPhone just a little over 60 days after the product was introduced has left hundreds of thousands of users wondering whether Apple was just gouging its faithful customers when it priced the popular device at $599 and $499 at its launch at the end of June. Early aWell it was bound to happen sooner or later. It’s the usual pain for early adopters but as my mother would say. Can your $200 make you happy as when you bought the iPhone ahead of everyone else? Was Apple wrong in releasing the iPhone first? I had originally thought that the touch screen iPod would be the first to come out and then the phone. Or make the announcement at the same time. Well it’s their strategy and it the announcement didn’t seem to pay off in Wall St. with a 5% drop in Apple stock after the announcement. Maybe all of those were initial iPhone users or people speculating that the stock would rise on the announcement of the new iPods.Either way, it’s now a little more complicated in buying an iPod.

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