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Persona 3 PSP coming to North America in July

Official Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable Website

Good news to English speaking fans of Persona. Atlus is bringing one of the last great RPGs of the PS2 to English speaking shores on the PSP. But this version is no port. It’s a brand new story and you get choose if you’re going to play a male or female character. One of the big draws of the game is the in-game social aspect where you try to “win” your classmates as you try to juggle your life between fighting shadows at night and studying to making friends during the day. It pretty much puts you in the shoes of the character.

Atlus just  has so much love for it’s fans that they bundle the soundtrack with the game which is unseen in other game publishers and what took Sega ages to decide whether or not to bring Yakuza 3 over to countries that speak another language other than Japanese. It takes them less than a year to bring over their titles. Persona 3 FES was once feared never to see western shores made it. I applaud Atlus for bringing over these games. I do hope that they get their PS3 game done soon and bring them over as well.