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Dragon Age Origins: Awakening details

Dragon Age Origins – Awakening

I finally have read the details on Bioware’s official website on Dragon Age Origins: Awakening. I’m almost afraid on what word they will add in the next expansion. Think of it as Dragon Age Origins: Awakening Journey to Orlais. It will be almost just as ridiculous as hearing Final Fantasy MCMLXXXVIII and so on.

But back to the expansion. You have a choice of either importing your Dragon Age: Origins character or starting anew as a Grey Warden from Orlais sent to Ferelden to rebuild the Grey Wardens. Apparently the story revolves around the fact the archdemon was predicted to be slain for that event to give way for the rise of more darkspawn. This refers to the talking darkspawn.

You’ll get five new party members plus an old one from DAO. From my previous post, I assumed this was Oghren because of the screenshot of the trailer. But no more Leliana? No Wynne? Zevran can go for all I care. The dog?

I see a new area called Vigil’s Keep. I wonder if we can visit any of the current areas and what’s happened since the blight ended.

When you scroll down the page, you see this image.

I guess we haven’t seen the last of Morrigan.