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Dragon Age Origins Awakening coming in March

The rumors are true! An expansive Dragon Age adventure continues in March.

Judging from the video released by Bioware. At least there aren’t any spoilers that most would notice. Unless you consider the defeat of the Archdemon a spoiler. Maybe other than the fact that Alistair becomes…I don’t think I should spoil it that way. Aside from Alistair, I can only see Oghren and from the looks of it that’s either new mage companion or a new PC.

Here’s the face of your talking darkspawn.

I wonder who she is? Another apostate? A mage from Tevinter?

He looks like the one from the Asunder quest.

It looks to me that you can carry off your save game from Dragon Age: Origins since one of them is wearing the Juggernaut armor set. Just how much is transferred from your old save game remains to be seen.

Anyhow, I just feel all the more uncomfortable about the timing of all of this. Just a day after they announced that they will not be releasing Return to Ostagar, they release a video stating the release of an new expansion pack. But I feel so let down, and teasing me with another trailer isn’t helping. Not to mention they mention an exact release date of March 16. If they don’t want so much backlash over their release dates they should have just written “Spring 2010” or “March 2010” if they’re so sure of themselves. Neither of which are still not in my hands. There’s no mention whether or not this will be downloaded or another disc purchase. From all the new content they’re stuffing in. I’m betting a new disc purchase. I’m sure we’ll learn of more details in the coming months.

Really now?