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Gran Turismo 5 DELAYED

Gran Turismo 5 Delayed, New Release Date: TBA – gran turismo 5 – Kotaku

January hasn’t been good to gamers so far. First there was the Dragon Age expansion pack pulled at the last minute and now Gran Turismo 5 will not be released in March in Japan and has returned to the ominous TBA release date.

i know that Kazunori Yamauchi is a perfectionist but that’s what updates are for. If Polyphony keeps this up they might find themselves as the next Duke Nukem. They’ve already spent $60 million dollars already making this a very very expensive game already. It’s almost just as expensive as a major Hollywood picture. Just because GT5 was demoed in CES last week in full 3D glory doesn’t mean we’re looking forward to play it in 3D in March since 99.8% of the people buying it don’t have the equipment just yet.

I’m almost at a point where why even bother stating release dates at all. At this point I wont believe anyone’s release date until they’ve actually reached the gold master. Because this is getting ridiculous.