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Delayed Return to Ostagar

Dragon Age: Origins Won’t Return To Ostagar On Time – Dragon age: origins – Kotaku

If you’ve been clicking the refresh button on the Playstation Store, Xbox Marketplace and Bioware website for the past few hours in hopes of getting the new DLC for Dragon Age then you’re out of luck. Bioware has announced that the Return to Ostagar has been delayed for all platforms and no new announcement on when this will be available.

This sucks. I’ve been looking forward to the expansion. I’ve even leveled up a new character to just before the landsmeet. I should have known better than trust release dates from gaming companies. But I’ll get really pissed if they’re going to make me until March for the DLC. We’ll be watching you Bioware. Always watching. Replies to the announcement are rather interesting. Here’s some of them.

And to top it off…

The forum has grown to over 80 pages in just a matter of hours. I wonder how long this is going to last.