Have you unlocked any PS3 trophies yet?

Sony released the update to include trophy support on the PS3 in July. The award system which is very much similar to the achievements on the Xbox requires a patch from the game developer to support trophies in their game. Uncharted was one of the few games that have a trophy system in the game but it has yet to be unlocked.

Not all new games being released will have this function, and for those who were thinking of just downloading the save game and loading it up as if it was your own save doesn’t work.

So this begs the question, does anyone care about Sony’s trophies?

Fallout 3: No PS3 Trophies For Fallout 3

PS3Trophies.org – PS3 Trophies – How They Will Work

Playstation 3: The Eye Of Judgment Eyes New Expansion, Sees Trophies In Its Future

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