Not all is lost in Japan…yet

Rumor: Kingdom Hearts A PS3 Exclusive, Will Be Seen At TGS

The Tokyo Game Show is the next big gaming event on the calendar (WoW fans will argue that Bizzcon is the next gaming event) and it seems that Sqaure-Enix is busy trying to comfort die hard Sony fans that all is not lost with their favorite franchise.

Sure we’ve heard of Kingdom Hearts for the DS and the PSP. But get this on the PS3!! Not only that. It’s playable.

The unlikely marriage of Disney and Square in 2002 has proven to be one of the most lucrative team ups in gaming. I don’t see anything bad out of this but only good things. Another game to tide us over until Final Fantasy 13 is released.

Final Fantasy XIII Agito: Final Fantasy XIII For PSP Is Way, *Way* Off

Downside, FF13 Agito for the PSP will not be coming out until it’s console cousins FF13 and FF Versus 13 come out. They may change their minds. But I haven’t seen that happen. Well with the exception of FF13 going to the 360. It’s such a long way off. By that time a new PSP version might be out already and I would be playing my PS2 games on it and still FF13 isn’t out yet.


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