My Life as King

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles WiiWare – Trailer #4

I downloaded my first Wii Ware game on my Wii and I can’t stop playing.

1500 Wii points will buy you Square-Enix’s Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles My Life as King. Based on events after the Gamecube version, you are a king that has to build a kingdom.

It’s Sim City Final Fantasy style. You build houses, stores and guilds for people. Commission adventurers to undertake quests for the kingdom all under the looming threat of the Dark Lord.

There’s no dungeon crawl for the king. But you go get updates on what’s happening to your minions subjects. It’s only been two days and I’ve racked almost 70 days of in game time.

Downloadable content on the Japanese Wii Channel have been other races and clothes for your characters.

It took a while for the whole thing to download and is the most expensive of all Wii Ware. $15 is quite a lot but the expandability of the game is there.

Here’s hoping that Square-Enix will make more content available.

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