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The Return of PC Gaming

Macworld | Blizzcon 2008 to bring together Blizzard game fans

October 2008 will mark the entry of a PC game that’s not Scrabble or an MMO but still has the name Blizzard. Yes, fans it’s Blizzcon 08.

The two most anticipated PC games are expected to be shown if not playable! Diablo III and Starcraft II. Two franchises that drove me into many a sleepless nights whipping through the Zerg and the Undead. My Australian vacation turned into a marathon of leveling through Diablo.

I predict this event to be sold out very soon and if you’re in North America, grab a Southwest flight that lands near Anaheim and you’ll be on your way. I wish the FFXI would hold another fan fest this year.

ipod related news

It’s been a while since I did any updates on the iPod market so here goes.

Apple trademarks iPod’s design, applies for iPhone design mark – Engadget

Now that Apple has the iPod design legally bound to them, next up is the iPhone. Watch out for all those lawsuits for the knockoffs available almost everywhere.

Official: HBO programming arrives on iTunes, standard pricing be damned – Engadget

HBO has been granted a flexible pricing scheme for their content to be available on iTunes. But Apple didn’t give that option to Showtime. Hmm… Could this be a sign for NBC coming back to iTunes after their shows are made available on the UK iTunes Store this month. The plot thickens…

Microsoft surpasses 2 million Zunes sold – Digital Lifestyle – Macworld UK

Just to put it in perspective. Apple sells 3.5 Million a month. And that’s that.