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Am I the only gamer not playing GTA 4?

I checked my Xbox live friends’ list and it turns out that I’m the only one NOT playing GTA4. It could be that my friends could also be playing on their PS3s but I think that I am one of the very few who don’t own one.


GTA4 could actually be described as a realistic RPG. Sims for Adults. The graphics and the behaviors are the best in any series in any console and it is absolutely ground breaking. I may just actually buy it just to be able to drive around the city and listen to the radio in the game. The environments created just suck you into the world of crime and anarchy. When you get drunk in the game, it shows. Your character will fall down if he tries to walk too fast and even the point of view is distorted. Driving a car through Liberty City is like driving through the streets of New York. The biggest turn off I got off the previous GTA games was that the car driving was just a chore to get around and driving was so detached. It was like driving a r/c that was out of control. That apparently has changed in this version.

Let’s wait and see what happens over the next few weeks.