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Make your own music

Guitar Hero IV gets a name, official features, and release date-ish – Engadget

The next Guitar Hero has been given a name and that is Guitar Hero IV. But should it still be called Guitar Hero since this version reportedly will include a microphone and a drum kit. Rock band only has 4 drums and a pedal. The GH version will have three drum thingies, a pedal and two “cymbals” bringing the simulation of a real drum possible.

This incarnation of the popular video game series brings a twist by being able to compose your own music as opposed to just rocking to the rhythm of others.

This is just what I need. More stuff to clutter my room. Sigh. And I’m sucker who get it when it comes out.

Rapture comes to the PS3

More BioShock PS3 Details Emerge From EGM [Egm]

In various press releases today, Bioshock has been confirmed for the PS3. They say it looks better on the PS3 and no more cheating the HD widescreen issue on the Xbox.